A Bicycle in Good Repair MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 9 with Answers

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Q1. he ultimate triumph was that of:

(A) the author
(B) the friend
(C) the cycle
(D) none of the above

Q2. What did the writer’s friend do?

(A) Taking tea and waiting for his friend
(B) Took the cycle with him
(C) Took the wheel out of the fork
(D) None of the above

Q3. The man said nothing is easier than –

(A) Riding a bicycle
(B) Talking off a gear-case
(C) Than playing
(D) All of above

Q4. The speaker was waiting for the man in the –

(A) Park
(B) Garden
(C) School ground
(D) All of above

Q5. What did the writer’s friend decide to do?

(A) To mend the cycle
(B) To give up finding the screws
(C) To find the screws
(D) To go to home

Q6. This front wheel wobbles’. What does wobble mean?

(A) Make bubbles
(B) Unsteadily from side to side
(C) Broken
(D) spins around

Q7. The proceedings were defined as

(A) bicycle on the gravel and the
(B) friend on the gravel and the bicycle friend over it over him
(C) a rough tumble fight between them
(D) none of the above

Q8. The narrator was:

(A) an early rises
(B) a late riser
(C) he used to get up whenever he wanted
(D) when his mother went to wake him up

Q9. They both groveled round for –

(A) Half an hour
(B) 15 minutes
(C) Two hours
(D) All of above

Q10. The machine of the speaker goes a little stiffly after –

(A) Morning
(B) Lunch
(C) Night
(D) All of above

Q11. What did the writer’s friend decide to do?

(A) To repair the cycle
(B) To repair the gearbox
(C) To repair the chain of the cycle
(D) To repair the front wheel

Q12. He could not dissuade the man because

(A) he was scared
(B) he was trust worthy
(C) he was hopeful
(D) he did not want to offend

Q13. The friend was an expert In taking off the gear-case as It took him

(A) five minutes to dismantle It
(B) less than five minutes to put it in two pieces
(C) Just five seconds to throw it off
(D) all the above

Q14. What mischief was he doing?

(A) He was dismantling the bicycle
(B) He was playing with marbles
(C) He was disturbing the passers-by
(D) None of the above

Q15. We must not lose any of them’. What does ‘them’ refer to?

(A) Ball bearings
(B) Screws
(C) Pins
(D) Handles

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