A Different Kind of School Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 5

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Q1. Give the meaning of ‘plump’.

(A) thin
(B) stout
(C) tall
(D) unhealthy

Q2. To bring change in the outlook of the people, one must

(A) Feel difficult
(B) be quiet
(C) take more interest in it
(D) begin telling lies

Q3. The age of the girl is about?

(A) Ten
(B) Twelve
(C) Nine

Q4. It is a learning experience

(A) for the abnormal
(B) for the helpers
(C) for the normal
(D) for everyone

Q5. What did the narrator ask Miss Beam?

(A) about her children
(B) about her students
(C) about her teaching methods
(D) none of these

Q6. The school was different because

(A) children scored good marks
(B) children were better behaved
(C) children were taught to be thoughtful
(D) children were running

Q7. What did the writer heard a great deal about?

(A) Miss Beams garden
(B) Miss beams house
(C) Miss Beams school

Q8. The aim of the school was

(A) to teach the three Rs
(B) to make the children responsible citizens
(C) to take them for excursions
(D) to promote continuous evaluation

Q9. Name the lesson

(A) Who I Am
(B) Taro’s Reward
(C) A Different Kind of School
(D) A Game of Chance

Q10. Miss Beam was

(A) authoritative and egoistic
(B) kindly and beautiful
(C) kindly and understanding
(D) a successful lady

Q11. It is a learning experience

(A) for the abnormal
(B) for the helpers
(C) for the normal
(D) for everyone

Q12. What did the writer ask Miss Beam same question about?

(A) Her school
(B) Her house
(C) Her teaching method

Q13. Other children are given

(A) good treatment
(B) the duty of helping them
(C) a lot of homework
(D) rewards for good work

Q14. Miss Beam had a figure.

(A) plump
(B) tall
(C) thin
(D) smart

Q15. The normal children are bandaged overnight

(A) so that they wake up as blind
(B) to make them used to It
(C) so that they can rest
(D) to enable them to see better

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