A Game of Chance Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 8

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Q1. There was a ‑_ at the fair?

(A) No crowd
(B) Big crowd
(C) None of these

Q2. ‘Playing tricks’ means

(A) cheating
(B) playing
(C) enjoying
(D) blowing

Q3. On what occasion was the fair held in village?

(A) Eid
(B) Holi
(C) Diwali
(D) Baisakhi

Q4. Who was took me to fair?

(A) Uncle
(B) Father
(C) Aunt

Q5. The old man and the boy had

(A) a lot of money
(B) won big prizes
(C) played tricks
(D) bad intentions

Q6. The festival of Eid had

(A) many rotten eatables
(B) many ordinary competitions
(C) a big show
(D) many game stalls

Q7. On which occasion, there was a fair in the village?

(A) Eid
(B) Makar Sankranti
(C) Dassera.

Q8. Name the lesson.

(A) A Game of Chance
(B) Fair Play
(C) Who I Am
(D) The Banyan Tree

Q9. Rasheed’s uncle took ‘them’ to the fair. Them’ here refers to

(A) the two brothers
(B) Rasheed and bhaiya
(C) sister and bhaiya
(D) the two sisters

Q10. Eid was celebrated only _ day?

(A) Two day
(B) Many days
(C) One day.

Q11. What was Rashid told not to do?

(A) To buy anything
(B) To go out of fair
(C) To play any game
(D) To eat anything

Q12. What could you buy from this fair?

(A) A small pin to a big bag
(B) A small pencil to a big dog
(C) A small pin to a big buffalo.

Q13. Rasheed was upset because

(A) he had made money
(B) he had won prizes
(C) he did not win any prize
(D) he was sick

Q14. Who met Uncle in the fair?

(A) His friends
(D) Uncle’s sister
(C) His relatives
(D) Uncle’s teacher

Q15. Who came from for far and wide with all kinds of goods to sell?

(A) Vendor
(B) Tradesmen
(C) Sells man

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