A Gift of Chappals MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 2 with Answers

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Q1. Rukku Manni told Ravi to tell the beggar

(A) not to come again
(B) to take food
(C) to rest under the tree
(D) to find food elsewhere

Q2. Where did Mahendran run to hide itself?

(A) to the kitchen
(B) under the bed
(C) towards the tray of red chillies
(D) to the ground

Q3. Tell him there’s nothing left in the kitchen” who said this?

(A) Ravi
(B) Paati
(C) Rukku manni
(D) None of those

Q4. Mridu and Ravi saw the kitten was –

(A) Playing with a ball
(B) Lapping up Milk from a coconut half shell
(C) Sleeping
(D) None of those

Q5. To whom did she give Gopu Mama’s chappals?

(A) Beggar
(B) Ravi
(C) Music master
(D) Mridu

Q6. The chappals were given to the beggar because

(A) these chappals were dirty
(B) they belonged to the music master
(C) the children had taken pity
(D) Ravi was a naughty boy on the beggar

Q7. Ravi poured the milk for the kitten that he brought from

(A) the kitchen
(B) the fridge
(C) the market
(D) the dairy

Q8. Mridu didn’t have much time to wonder about.

(A) overcoat
(B) slippers
(C) books
(D) none of these

Q9. The beggar has been coming here-

(A) Once a week
(B) Twice in a month
(C) Everyday
(D) None of those

Q10. Who saw Meena with a glass of milk in her hand?

(A) Her Amma
(B) Ravi
(C) Her Paati
(D) None of those

Q11. What looked helpless and unhappy?

(A) The violin
(B) Lalh
(C) Meena
(D) Mridu

Q12. Rukku Manni gave some refreshments to Mridu because

(A) Mridu had spoken the truth
(B) Mridu was her guest
(C) Mrldu was hungry
(D) she was Mridu’s mother

Q13. Who was famous for his generosity in Mahabharata?

(A) Arjun
(B) Krishna
(C) Kama
(D) Bheem

Q14. What was behind the thick berry bush?

(A) A football
(B) A coin
(C) A pen
(D) A stone

Q15. The music teacher wear a –

(A) Gold ring
(B) Diamond ring
(C) Diamond necklace
(D) None of those

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