A House, A Home Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Poem 1

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Q1. When the mother sends him to bed the poet is

(A) unhappy
(B) happy
(C) revengeful
(D) jealous

Q2. They express love through:

(A) words
(B) action
(C) dance
(D) giving

Q3. According to the passage the home is a

(A) house
(B) loving family
(C) furniture
(D) building

Q4. According to the poet, the gardener should

(A) plant only weeds
(B) be punished for soiling his clothes
(C) plant flowers and vegetables
(D) plant fruits

Q5. Members share:

(A) food and fruit
(B) joy and sorrow
(C) cheese and bread
(D) secrets

Q6. A house is built:

(A) of white marble
(B) on home-loans
(C) of bricks, stone, wood and iron
(D) near the lake

Q7. A child wishes to

(A) take breakfast at noon
(B) be a watchman
(C) wash his dress
(D) get up early in the morning

Q8. According to the poet a house is

(A) different from a home
(B) same as home
(C) only brick and stone
(D) only furniture

Q9. A real home Is made up of:

(A) tiled floors
(B) loving family
(C) glass ware
(D) happiness

Q10. When no one checks him he will

(A) not get baked in the sun
(B) not spoil his clothes
(C) walk the street all night
(D) not indulge In gossip

Q11. The word stucco’ means the same as

(A) walls
(B) furniture
(C) plaster
(D) floor

Q12. The hawker leads a

(A) pious life
(B) carefree life
(C) miserable life
(D) peaceful life

Q13. Who contribute to make a home:

(A) friends and neighbours
(B) labourers
(C) all members
(D) God

Q14. A house becomes a home with

(A) roof
(B) doors
(C) windows
(D) the people

Q15. The word giant’ is a

(A) noun
(B) gerund
(C) verb
(D) adjective

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