A Letter to God MCQ Questions for Class 10 English Prose Chapter 1 with Answers

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 English with Answers First Flight Prose


Q1. The noun form of ‘amiable’ is:

(A) amiably
(B) amicable
(C) amicably
(D) amiability

Q2. How did he feel when he counted the money?

(A) grateful
(B) joyful
(C) relieved
(D) angry

Q3. What destroyed Lencho’s fields?

(A) heavy rainfall
(B) hailstorm
(C) landslide
(D) flood

Q4. On the public writing-table, Lencho started to write:

(A) a letter to his brother
(B) a letter to village Sarpanch
(C) a letter to postman
(D) a letter to God

Q5. The noun form of ‘destroyed’ is:

(A) destroy
(B) destruction
(C) destroyable
(D) destructive

Q6. What did Lencho think of the post-office employees?

(A) bunch of crooks
(B) rude
(C) unhelpful
(D) proud

Q7. Why were Lencho’s feeling when the hailstorm hoped?

(A) Utter Sadness
(B) Utter Happy
(C) Utter Sorrow
(D) None of the Above

Q8. What was the only hope left in the hearts of Lencho’s family?

(A) compensation from government
(B) help from farmer’s association
(C) help from God
(D) there was no hope left

Q9. What was the only thing that the Earth needed according to Lencho?

(A) a shower
(B) a snowfall
(C) strong winds
(D) sunlight

Q10. What did Lencho ask for in his second letter?

(A) more money
(B) remaining amount and not send it by mail
(C) remaining amount and send it by mail only
(D) he didn’t ask for anything

Q11. What did Lencho hope for?

(A) A good shower of rain for his crop.
(B) A new motorcycle
(C) A tractor
(D) None of the Above

Q12. The word ‘downpour’ means:

(A) rain
(B) hail
(C) drizzle
(D) dew

Q13. The house was situated on the crest:

(A) of a high hill
(B) of a low bill
(C) near the valley
(D) of a nearby village

Q14. Who is the author of the lesson ‘A Letter to God’?

(A) G.L. Fuentes
(B) J.k. Rowling
(C) William Shakespeare
(D) Roald Dahl

Q15. How much money doe the Lencho need?

(A) Fifty Pesos
(B) Hundred Pesos
(C) Two Hundred Pesos
(D) Five Hundred Pesos.

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 English with Answers First Flight Prose

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