A Pact with the Sun Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 8

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Q1. Saeeda’s mother was –

(A) Rich
(B) Poor
(C) None of these

Q2. The quacks are

(A) better than specialists
(B) good
(C) not better than specialists
(D) none of the above.

Q3. Which object blocked the way to earth the other day?

(A) a giant
(B) thick clouds
(C) a storm
(D) a hail storm

Q4. What is more precious than money?

(A) Life
(B) Heart
(C) Kidney

Q5. The formula for good health is:

(A) early to rise
(B) early to bed
(C) eat, drink and be merry
(D) early to bed and early to rise.

Q6. Saeeda’s mother was denied

(A) water
(B) pearls
(C) dewdrops
(D) sunshine

Q7. Saeeda’s mother had been ailing for a long time –

(A) Fever
(B) Cough
(C) Body- ache
(D) Painful joints
(E) All these above

Q8. What happened one day?

(A) sky was overcast with clouds
(B) a heavy rainfall
(C) sky was clean
(D) winds blew

Q9. She was advised to sit in the sun for

(A) half an hour
(B) an hour
(C) most of the daytime
(D) the whole of the day time

Q10. Who treated by a variety of Physicians?

(A) Saeeda
(B) Saeeda’s mother
(C) Both a and b

Q11. Who is called the father of ‘sunrays’?

(A) sun
(B) clouds
(C) wind
(D) air

Q12. Who did suggested Saeeda’s mother to consult a specialist?

(A)Their relatives
(B) Saeeda own
(C) Neighbours
(D) Both a and c

Q13. The sunrays never wished to be called

(A) fair weather friends
(B) friends
(C) liars
(D) lairs

Q14. ‘My mother is ill and needs your help.’ Whose help?

(A) doctor’s
(B) sunray’s
(C) relative’s
(D) friend’s

Q15. How was Saeeda’s mother’s room?

(A) Small
(B) Dingy
(C) Deprived of sunrays
(D) All these above

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