A Short Monsoon Diary MCQ Questions Class 8 English Chapter 8 with Answers

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Q1. Do not kill it,” – who said this?

(A) The author
(B) Grandmother
(C) Bijju
(D) None of these

Q2. To Whom is Bijju calling through the mist?

(A) The author
(B) His master
(C) His sister
(D) His father

Q3. Which flower’s seed turn red to signify the end of rain?

(A) Cobra lily
(B) Tulip
(C) Hyacinth
(D) Cactus flower

Q4. The hillsides are lush because of the appearance of flowers during

(A) Rarly monsoon
(B) mid monsoon
(C) late monsoon
(D) end of monsoon

Q5. In the oak tree, a —– shakes the raindrops from his feathers and caws disconsolately’

(A) Cuckoo
(B) Crow
(C) Drongo
(D) Sparrow

Q6. Whom was Bijju calling?

(A) His mother
(B) His friend
(C) His sister
(D) Poet

Q7. The sound of the falling rain on tin roof

(A) disturbs the author in his reading
(B) helps the author to read
(C) annoys the author
(D) makes the author leave that place

Q8. How is the author untouched by the rain?

(A) The rain is not directly pouring on him
(B) He is in the house
(C) The rain has stopped
(D) None of these

Q9. What is a woman doing?

(A) Chopping up sticks
(B) Cooking food
(C) Washing clothes
(D) Warming herself near the fire

Q10. The author cannot see Bijju because

(A) he is not in the line of his eyes
(B) it is misty
(C) it is night
(D) he is blind.

Q11. Who was chopping up sticks?

(A) Woman
(B) Girl
(C) Man
(D) Farmer

Q12. Whom did the leopard lifted from near the servants quarter below the school?

(A) Cat
(B) Dog
(C) Rabbit
(D) All of these

Q13. The drongos

(A) sing like minivets
(B) are very beautiful
(C) are there in all seasons
(D) charge the minivets away

Q14. Which were the new animals during monsoon?

(A) Scarlet minivets
(B) New crops
(C) New fruits
(D) Some insects

Q15. Which female birds are yellow mentioned in this story?

(A) Drongo
(B) Cuckoo
(C) Scarlet minivet
(D) Dove

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All questions answers

10 (B)

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