A Tale of Two Birds Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 1

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Q1. The bird colour was –

(A) Gray
(B) Red
(C) Brown

Q2. The king got afraid as

(A) the bird talked like robbers
(B) a bullet was shot
(C) a strong wind blew
(D) his horse was lost

Q3. Where did the king go next?

(A) to a house
(B) to a palace
(C) to an ashram
(D) to a temple

Q4. One day there was a –

(A) Strom
(B) Thunder lighting
(C) Rain
(D) All of these

Q5. The mother bird

(A) could not help flying
(B) fell down the nest
(C) kept helping the little ones
(D) was killed unluckily

Q6. Where did the bird and her new born babies live?

(A) in a house
(B) in a farm
(C) in a forest
(D) in a burrow

Q7. The company one keeps.

(A) is decided by parents
(B) is decided by fate
(C) has to be good
(D) tells what you are

Q8. Who lived in the forest?

(A) A bird
(B) A tiger
(C) A lion

Q9. What for did the king come to the forest?

(A) hunting
(B) amusement
(C) resting
(D) none of these

Q10. The two baby birds got separated as

(A) the rishi took one of them
(B) the mother took one of them
(C) the king took one of them
(D) the strong wind blew them away

Q11. Who said this, “Quick! Hurry up! Come and take his jewels and his horse.”

(A) the wicked man
(B) the guard
(C) the wicked brown bird
(D) none of these

Q12. The two baby birds made separate nests as

(A) they did not love each other
(B) they were not destined to be together
(C) they were under a major spell
(D) they could not stay together

Q13. Whom did he see there?

(A) a brown bird
(B) a guard
(C) a wicked man
(D) a holy man

Q14. What was blew the two baby birds away to the other side of the forest?

(A) A week Storm
(B) A strong storm
(C) A week wind

Q15. The second bird made his nest

(A) near the rishi’s ashram
(B) on a tree near the rishi’s ashram
(C) where the mother lived
(D) at a comfortable habitat

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