A Triumph of Surgery MCQ Questions for Class 10 English Chapter 1 with Answers

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 English with Answers Footprints Without Feet

Q1. What made the narrator call Mrs Pumphrey after a fortnight?

(A) Tricki got recovered
(B) Tricki got unwell
(C) he knew she is suffering
(D) both a and c

Q2. How was Tricki acting?

(A) refusing to eat his favourite food
(B) didn’t go for walks
(C) vomiting
(D) all of the above

Q3. Who is Hodgkin?

(A) dog owner
(B) gardener
(C) Veterinary surgeon
(D) Dog

Q4. What was best according to the vet?

(A) to take him to the hospital
(B) to take him for a walk
(C) to let him have sugar
(D) both b and c

Q5. I think I know a cure for you.” What is the ‘cure’?

(A) controlling Tricki’s diet
(B) giving him a surgery
(C) giving injections
(D) keeping under observation

Q6. What is the meaning of ‘distraught’?

(A) bend
(B) worried
(C) upset
(D) both b and c

Q7. How would you decribe Mrs. Pumphrey?

(A) loving
(B) over-doing
(C) intelligent
(D) rational

Q8. Why did the other dogs ignore Tricki?

(A) he was an uninteresting object
(B) he was ill
(C) he was furious
(D) all of the above

Q9.What did Mrs Pumphrey think her dog is suffering from?

(A) fever
(B) malnutrition
(C) stomach pain
(D) footsore

Q10. What did the dogs know about food?

(A) last ones will be liable to have competition for the leftover food
(B) there was no competition
(C) it wasn’t good
(D) it was the best part of the day

Q11. When Mr Herriot took Tricki to his clinic, Mrs Pumphrey was:

(A) happy
(B) excited
(C) wailing
(D) thanking the doctor

Q12. What did the doctor advise?

(A) cut his food
(B) give him more exercise
(C) keep him on a very strict diet
(D) all of the above

Q13. Who do you blame for Tricki’s illness?

(A) Mrs. Pumphrey
(B) Tricki
(C) Herriot
(D) Vet

Q14. Who was Joe?

(A) nurse
(B) pug
(C) greyhound
(D) cat

Q15. Why is the narrator tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest?

(A) because he loved Tricki
(B) he thought Mrs. Pumphrey woudn’t take good care of Tricki
(C) they would lose all Luxuries like eggs, wine and brandy
(D) none of the above

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