Acids, Bases and Salts MCQ Questions for Class 7 Science Chapter 5 with Answers

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Q1. Litmus is extracted from

(A) curd
(B) grapes
(C) lichens
(D) cabbage

Q2. Which of the following ion is responsible for the acidic nature of hydrochloric acid ?

(A) Hydrogen ion
(B) Hydroxide ion
(C) Chloride ion
(D) Hydrochloride ion

Q3. The acid that our stomach releases is:

(A) sulphuric acid
(B) nitric acid
(C) hydrochloric acid
(D) formic acid

Q4. The reaction in which an acid react with a base to form salt and water is called as

(A) Addition reaction
(B) Displacement reaction
(C) Neutralisation reaction
(D) Substitution reaction

Q5. Which of the following is an acid-base indicator?

(A) Vinegar
(B) Lime water
(C) Turmeric
(D) Baking soda

Q6. Out of these gases which one is used in fire extinguishers

(A) CO2
(B) SO2
(C) NO2
(D) H2S

Q7. Metal oxides react with water to form

(A) Acids
(B) Minerals
(C) Bases
(D) Salts

Q8. Litmus is extracted from

(A) curd
(B) grapes
(C) lichens
(D) cabbage

Q9. Quick lime is used in soil when the soil is:

(A) basic
(B) acidic
(C) salty
(D) neutral

Q10. Bases taste

(A) sweet
(B) sour
(C) bitter
(D) salty

Q11. The correct way of making a solution of acid in water is to

(A) add water to acid
(B) add acid to water
(C) mix acid and water simultaneously
(D) add water to acid in a shallow container

Q12. Ammonia that turns red litmus blue is:

(A) acidic
(B) basic
(C) neutral
(D) none of these

Q13. Which of the following set of substances contain acids?

(A) Grapes, lime water
(B) Vinegar, soap
(C) Curd, milk of magnesia
(D) Curd, vinegar

Q14. Which of the following is a strong Base?

(A) Copper hydroxide
(B) Sodium hydroxide
(C) Iron hydroxide
(D) Calcium oxide

Q15. Phenolphthalein is a synthetic indicator and its colours in acidic and basic solutions, respectively are:

(A) red and blue
(B) blue and red
(C) pink and colourless
(D) colourless and pink

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