Automobile Engineering MCQ Practice Test – Set 01

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Q1. The path taken by intake air is

(A) Carburettor (or throttle body) air cleaner intake manifold intake ports cylinders
(B) Air cleaner carburettor (or throttle body) intake ports intake manifold cylinders
(C) Air cleaner intake manifold carburettor (or throttle body) intake ports cylinders
(D) Air cleaner carburettor (or throttle body) intake manifold intake ports cylinders

Q2. The brake warning light warns the driver of

(A) Water in the master cylinder
(B) Air in the hydraulic system
(C) Failure of the primary or secondary circuit of hydraulic system
(D) Power brake failure

Q3. For the same maximum pressure and temperature

(A) Diesel cycle is more efficient than Otto cycle
(B) Otto cycle is more efficient than Diesel cycle
(C) Both Otto cycle and Diesel cycle are equally efficient
(D) None of the above

Q4. In a square type engine

(A) Geometrical shape is square
(B) Diameter and length of piston are same
(C) Two cylinders are placed horizontal and two vertical
(D) Stroke length and cylinder bore are same

Q5. The connecting rods are generally made of __ shaped cross-section.

(A) I
(B) C
(C) L
(D) H

Q6. In a petrol engine, the high voltage for spark plug is in the order of

(A) 1000 volts
(B) 2000 volts
(C) 11 kilovolts
(D) 22 kilovolts

Q7. The most commonly used power plant in automobiles is

(A) Gas turbine
(B) I.C. engine
(C) Battery
(D) None of these

Q8. It is necessary to maintain the valve clearances as they

(A) Reduce the resistance to sliding that occurs between the cam and the tappet
(B) Allow for lengthening of the valves owing to the heat of combustion
(C) Increase the speed at which the valves move up and down
(D) Make the crankshaft turn smoothly

Q9. The ball joints are used on the tie rod ends, because they

(A) Reduce the amount of noise generated
(B) Reduce the amount of sliding resistance
(C) Can deal with movement of the suspension both vertically and in other directions
(D) Improve the force transmission speed

Q10. The capacity of a battery is usually expressed in terms of

(A) Volts
(B) Amperes
(C) Weight
(D) Ampere hours

Q11. The characteristic that is enhanced by the honing of cylinder sleeves inner surface is

(A) Cooling efficiency
(B) Resistance to wear
(C) Lubrication performance
(D) None of these

Q12. The tilting of the front wheels away from the vertical, when viewed from the front of the car, is called

(A) Camber
(B) Caster
(C) Toe in
(D) Toe out

Q13. The main feature of Macpherson strut suspension is that

(A) The vertical size of the suspension can be made more compact
(B) Non vertical external forces are supported by the suspension arms
(C) The unsprung mass in lighter
(D) The assembly is slightly more complicated in design

Q14. If the air-fuel mixture ignites before the spark takes place at spark plug, the condition is called

(A) Detonation
(B) Ignition
(C) Pre-ignition
(D) Rumble

Q15. The diagram which shows the correct crank positions corresponding to the opening and closing of the valves, is known as

(A) Indicator diagram
(B) Axial force diagram
(C) Valve timing diagram
(D) None of these

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