Automobile Engineering Objective Questions with Answers – Set 15

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Q1. The power source for a brake booster is

(A) Exhaust manifold pressure
(B) Electricity
(C) The pressure difference between the atmospheric pressure and the vacuum pressure in the intake manifold
(D) Hydraulic pump

Q2. The function of a governor in automobiles is to

(A) Limit the power
(B) Limit the vehicle speed
(C) Maintain constant engine speed
(D) Maximise the fuel economy

Q3. The connecting rod lower end is connected to the relevant __ of crankshaft.

(A) Big end
(B) Crank arm
(C) Journal
(D) Small end

Q4. If the valve clearances are excessively large, the problem that can arise is

(A) Overheating of the engine
(B) Incomplete valve closure
(C) Fouling of spark plug by gasoline
(D) None of these

Q5. The firing order for an inline four cylinder I.C. engine is

(A) 1-2-3-4
(B) 1-3-4-2
(C) 1-2-4-3
(D) 1-3-2-4

Q6. Tachometer in a vehicle measures

(A) Speed
(B) Distance
(C) Engine r.p.m.
(D) Fuel consumption

Q7. Engine misfiring is likely to result from

(A) Spark plug gap too small
(B) Spark plug gap too wide
(C) Vapours lock in the fuel only
(D) Incorrect fuel air mixture

Q8. The minimum parking brake force is generally _ of gross vehicle mass (GVM).

(A) 5%
(B) 10%
(C) 15%
(D) 20%

Q9. The ease with which petrol vaporizes is called its

(A) Oxidation
(B) Octane number
(C) Volatility
(D) Cetane number

Q10. The indicated power of a four stroke engine (in watts) is equal to (where P = Mean effective pressure in N/m², L = Length of stroke in metres, A = Cross-sectional area of the piston in m², and N = Speed of the engine in revolutions per second (r.p.s)

(A) P.L.A.N/2
(B) P.L.A.N
(C) 2 × P.L.A.N
(D) P.L.A.N/4

Q11. Bead wires are made of

(A) Steel
(B) Copper
(C) Zinc
(D) Aluminium

Q12. The specific gravity of Diesel is about

(A) 0.65
(B) 0.75
(C) 0.85
(D) 0.95

Q13. The commonly used antifreeze solution in automobiles is

(A) Carbon disulphide
(B) Ethylene glycol
(C) Ammonium chloride
(D) Freon-12

Q14. The advantage of the fuel injection system over the carburettor system is

(A) Improved fuel efficiency
(B) Improved emission
(C) Improved power output
(D) All of these

Q15. Cushioning springs in clutch plate reduces

(A) Vehicle speed
(B) Torsional vibrations
(C) Jerky starts
(D) None of these

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