Automobile Engineering Objective Questions with Answers – Set 17

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Q1. An overinflated tyre will wear the tread most near the

(A) Edges
(B) Corners
(C) Centre
(D) None of these

Q2. One effect of detonation is

(A) Delay in ignition
(B) Loss of power
(C) Overheating of engine
(D) Overcooling of engine

Q3. Damper in an automobile is used to

(A) Absorb the energy
(B) Dissipate the energy
(C) Release the energy
(D) Increase the energy

Q4. In a Diesel engine, the fuel is ignited by

(A) An electric spark
(B) The heat of compression
(C) The hot exhaust
(D) None of these

Q5. The battery is an electrochemical device, which means battery

(A) Makes chemicals by mechanical means
(B) Uses chemical action to provide electricity
(C) Has curved plates instead of flat plates
(D) Does not use an electrolyte

Q6. In case of a Diesel car, the pressure at the end of compression is of the order of

(A) 15 bar
(B) 25 bar
(C) 35 bar
(D) 45 bar

Q7. The engine oil is stored in _ when the engine is not running.

(A) Oil pan
(B) Cylinder head
(C) Oil pump
(D) Separate oil tank

Q8. The function of anti-lock brake system (ABS) is that is

(A) Reduces the stopping distance
(B) Minimizes the brake fade
(C) Maintains directional control during braking by preventing the wheels from locking
(D) Prevents nose dives during braking and thereby postpones locking of the wheels

Q9. In a single dry plate clutch, torsional vibrations are absorbed by

(A) Coil springs known as torsional springs
(B) Cushion springs
(C) Central hub
(D) Clutch pedal

Q10. The effect of vapour locking on the brake performance is that the

(A) Brakes function more effectively
(B) Brakes fail completely
(C) Brake operation is delayed after depression of the brake pedal
(D) Vapour locking has no effect on brake performance

Q11. The condition that results in large quantities of CO emission is

(A) Insufficient air during combustion
(B) Insufficient fuel during combustion
(C) Low temperature combustion
(D) High temperature combustion

Q12. A maintenance free battery

(A) Has lead-antimony plate grid
(B) Has lead-calcium plate grid
(C) Does not contain acid
(D) Does not contain water

Q13. The advantage of a tubeless tyre over tube type tyre is

(A) Slow air leakage
(B) Better fuel efficiency
(C) Less chances of running flat
(D) All of these

Q14. The connecting rod is attached to the piston by the

(A) Cap bolt
(B) Piston pin
(C) Cap roller bearing
(D) Rod cap

Q15. The sequence order of events in a four stroke engine is

(A) Suction exhaust power compression
(B) Suction power compression exhaust
(C) Suction compression power exhaust
(D) Exhaust compression power suction

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