Automobile Engineering Objective Questions with Answers – Set 18

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Q1. Petrol that detonates easily is called

(A) High octane petrol
(B) Low octane petrol
(C) Unleaded petrol
(D) Blended fuel

Q2. Clutch facings are usually attached to the plate by

(A) Steel rivets
(B) Brass rivets
(C) Aluminium screws
(D) Steel screws

Q3. Which of the following is not a part of the chassis?

(A) Wheels
(B) Front axle
(C) Steering system
(D) Seats

Q4. Which one of the following statements correctly describes the construction of a planetary gear type differential?

(A) The six planetary pinions rotate in constant mesh with the internal gears.
(B) One drive shaft is splined to the central gear and the other to the planetary gear.
(C) Each planetary pinion gear meshes with both the central gear and the internal gear.
(D) The internal gear is fixed to the planetary gear.

Q5. If the air-fuel mixture in a spark ignition engine is too rich, then air-fuel ratio is about

(A) 17:1
(B) 15:1
(C) 13:1
(D) 10:1

Q6. In a Diesel engine, the function of a fuel injector is to

(A) Mix the fuel and air
(B) Ignite the air-fuel mixture
(C) Provide flame front for ignition
(D) Spray atomized fuel in the cylinder

Q7. The camshaft of a four stroke Diesel engine running at 1000 rpm will run at

(A) 500 rpm
(B) 1000 rpm
(C) 2000 rpm
(D) 4000 rpm

Q8. The condition that causes vapour locking in a brake system is

(A) Overheating of the fluid due to frequent brake application
(B) Overcooling of the brakes during high speed driving
(C) Keeping the vehicle without use for an extended period
(D) An excessively high engine speed on a downhill road

Q9. The power actually developed inside the engine cylinder is called as

(A) Indicated power
(B) Brake power
(C) Frictional power
(D) None of these

Q10. In a four speed four stroke Diesel engine, the intake valve

(A) Opens at T.D.C. and closes at B.D.C.
(B) Opens at 20° before T.D.C. and closes at 35° after B.D.C.
(C) Opens at 10° after T.D.C. and closes at 20° before B.D.C.
(D) None of the above

Q11. What type of bearing is used for main bearings and connecting rod bearings?

(A) Ball bearings
(B) Plain bearings
(C) Needle roller bearing
(D) Taper roller bearing

Q12. The oil pump is driven by the

(A) Camshaft
(B) Alternator shaft
(C) Crankshaft via drive belt
(D) Crankshaft directly

Q13. The motion of the cam is transferred to the valves through

(A) Pistons
(B) Rocker arms
(C) Camshaft pulley
(D) Valve stems

Q14. When the top of the wheel is tilted outward, then it is called

(A) Positive camber
(B) Negative camber
(C) Positive caster
(D) Negative caster

Q15. Valve overlap is the number of degrees of camshaft rotation during which

(A) Both valves are closed
(B) Both valves are open
(C) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’
(D) None of these

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