Automobile Engineering – Set 14

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Q1. Which of the following bulb in a car will have the least wattage?

(A) Head light bulb
(B) Stop light bulb
(C) Parking light bulb
(D) Ignition warning bulb

Q2. The octane number of compressed natural gas (CNG) is

(A) 90
(B) 100
(C) 110
(D) 120

Q3. The two rows of cylinders in a ‘V’ type engine are generally arranged at

(A) 45°
(B) 60°
(C) 90°
(D) 130°

Q4. Two speed reverse gear arrangements is generally provided in case of

(A) Passenger cars
(B) Matadors
(C) Tractors
(D) Trucks

Q5. Incorrect steering axis inclination (S.A.I.) causes

(A) Tendency to assume toe-out orientation
(B) Generation of a braking effect at tight corners
(C) Poor recovery of the steering wheel after making a turn
(D) The vehicle to pull to the side of lesser inclination

Q6. The advantage of having a tandem master cylinder arrangement in automobiles is that it

(A) Enhances safety by serving two independent lines in a divided line brake circuit
(B) Enhances safety by activating the brakes using vacuum pressure in the event of brake fluid loss
(C) Supplies equal fluid pressure to each line of a divided line brake circuit, thereby preventing the brakes from dragging on one side
(D) Boosts the brake fluid pressure to reduce the force required to depress the brake pedal

Q7. The gear shift lever requires two separate motions to shift gears, and the first movement

(A) Moves the synchronizer
(B) Selects the synchronizer
(C) Meshes the gears
(D) Operates the clutch

Q8. Which of the following symptom is caused as a result of brake disc run out?

(A) Ineffectiveness of the brakes
(B) Judder during braking
(C) Localized wearing of the brake pads
(D) Rapid wearing of the brake pads

Q9. The function of a second ring is that it is a

(A) Back up compression ring which will work in place of the top ring when it is broken
(B) Compression ring and aids the top ring in sealing and cooling
(C) Back up oil control ring which will work in place of the bottom ring when it is broken
(D) Cushion ring which prevents piston slap and knock

Q10. The specific gravity of acid in a fully charged battery is generally

(A) 1.00
(B) 1.28
(C) 1.82
(D) 2.81

Q11. Which one of the following statement correctly describes the construction of a bevel gear type differential?

(A) The drive shafts are splined to the differential carrier.
(B) The left side gear and the differential carrier rotate in constant unison.
(C) The differential carrier houses differential pinion gears and side gears; each pinion gear meshes with a different side gear.
(D) The differential carrier houses differential pinion gears and side gears.

Q12. Odometer is an instrument used for measurement of

(A) Power
(B) Fuel consumption
(C) Engine r.p.m.
(D) Distance

Q13. The Diesel engines are also known as

(A) Spark ignition (S.I.) engines
(B) Compression ignition (C.I.) engines
(C) Steam engines
(D) None of these

Q14. The information provided by the oxygen (O₂) sensor to the feedback control system is about the

(A) Air-fuel ratio
(B) Air temperature
(C) Air flow speed
(D) Exhaust gas volume

Q15. The brake pedal during ABS operation

(A) Is pushed upward forcefully
(B) Pedal stroke becomes longer
(C) Transmits slight kickback to the driver’s foot
(D) All of the above

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