Beauty Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Poem 4

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Q1. What is changing?

(A) Rain
(B) Wind
(C) Singer

Q2. The phrase “wind sighing’ show that the wind is

(A) unhappy
(B) passing through the trees
(C) blowing in the dark
(D) not blowing

Q3. What is falling?

(A) Rain
(B) Beauty
(C) Singer

Q4. The poet is thinking of the beauty of

(A) the soul
(B) the sound
(C) nature
(D) people

Q5. What is singing?

(A) Rain
(B) Wind
(C) Beauty

Q6. Beauty is

(A) a thing of joy forever
(B) everywhere in America
(C) lost forever
(D) short-lived

Q7. What is seen in the sunlight?

(A) Ugly
(B) Beauty
(C) Beautiness

Q8. Human beings have created beauty through

(A) their good deeds
(B) their unpleasant behaviour
(C) the efforts of others
(D) their muscle strength

Q9. Beauty is seen in the?

(A) Day light
(B) Sunlight
(C) Moonlight

Q10. One feels happy to see the sun

(A) In the month of June
(B) In the month of December
(C) during solar eclipse with a naked eye
(D) for the whole day

Q11. The poem describes the beauty which is seen

(A) in the dark
(B) within
(C) during the day
(D) in nature

Q12. When Beauty is heard?

(A) In the night
(B) In the evening
(C) In the morning

Q13. Shelley said

(A) Beauty is heard
(B) Heard melodies are sweet
(C) Beauty is seen
(D) Beauty is Truth and Goodness

Q14. What is heard?

(A) Beauty.
(B) Beautiful
(C) Sound

Q15. Beauty can be

(A) only seen
(B) only heard
(C) seen, heard and felt
(D) permanent

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