Bholi MCQ Questions for Class 10 English Chapter 9 with Answers

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 English with Answers Footprints Without Feet

Q1. What happened when she was two years old?

(A) falling off a cot
(B) falling off the stairs
(C) falling off a verandah
(D) small-pox

Q2. How did Ramlal’s wife react about sending her girls to school?

(A) she laughed
(B) she got angry
(C) no reaction
(D) she cried

Q3. Why did Bholi’s parents accept Bishamber’s marriage proposal?

(A) he has a big shop
(B) he has a house
(C) he has good bank balance
(D) all of the above

Q4. What did the Tehsildar ask Ramlal to do?

(A) drop him back to the city
(B) have dinner with him
(C) send his daughters to school
(D) none of the above

Q5. How did Bholi find the teacher on her very first day in the school?

(A) cruel
(B) hard
(C) kind and loving
(D) all of the above

Q6. How is the situation of the house described?

(A) poor
(B) miserable
(C) prosperous
(D) fine

Q7. Who came to marry Bholi?

(A) Bishamber Nath
(B) Hari Nath
(C) Pran Nath
(D) Deena Nath

Q8. What was Bholi’s first reaction on hearing that she was going to school?

(A) she cried with tears of joy
(B) she cried with fear
(C) she screamed
(D) she was excited

Q9. Who is the author of the story “Bholi”?

(A) KA Abbas
(B) Mark Twain
(C) Guy De Maupassant
(D) Sinclair Lewis

Q10. What did it take for Bholi to believe she was being taken to a place better than home?

(A) clean dress
(B) hair oiling
(C) a bath
(D) all of the above

Q11. Why did Tehsildar come to Ramlal’s village?

(A) to perform the opening ceremony of the girl’s school
(B) to attend Radha’s wedding
(C) to meet the village people
(D) all of the above

Q12. Why did she talk very little?

(A) she stammered
(B) other kids mimicked her and made fun of her
(C) she was an introvert
(D) none of the above

Q13. Who is referred to as the “artist” in the lesson?

(A) Bholi’s friend
(B) Bholi
(C) Bholi’s cow
(D) Bholi’s teacher

Q14. Why did the girls laugh at Bholi?

(A) at her dress
(B) at her looks
(C) at her stammering
(D) all of the above

Q15. At what age did she begin to speak?

(A) 2
(B) 5
(C) 4
(D) 1

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