CBSE Class 8 English It so Happened Book Lesson 8 “Jalebis” MCQs with Answers

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All questions answers in the last paragraph

Q1. What do coins usually do?

(A) Speak
(B) Jingle
(C) Sing
(D) All of the Above

Q2. What happened when the child was buying jalebis ?

(A) the child began to eat at once
(B) the jalebis slipped from his hands
(C) he suddenly saw his uncle on the
(D) other children gathered near him road

Q3. Who collected the school fees?

(A) Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
(B) Master Ghulam Mohammed
(C) Sufiya Pathan
(D) None of the above

Q4. “The coins were so eager to be spent that day,” says the child. In fact

(A) the coins do not speak
(B) the child was mad
(C) the child’s greed was becoming
(D) the child was joking uncontrollable

Q5. Which standard was he in, back then?

(A) Fifth
(B) Sixth
(C) Seventh
(D) Eighth

Q6. What did he find under the rock?

(A) Four rupees
(B) Two rupees
(C) A hairy worm
(D) Both a and c

Q7. What do you mean by “khanak-khanak”?

(A) To lose one’s mind
(B) To go mad
(C) Jingling sound
(D) Thumping sound

Q8. What happened as a result of eating jalebis?

(A) He got scolded
(B) He lost sleep
(C) He was absent in school for the first time
(D) He was away from home

Q9. What felt like a sin?

(A) Spending the coins
(B) Looking at something in the bazaar
(C) Eating jalebis
(D) Going to school

Q10. Where did he reach as a result of continuous walking?

(A) End of the earth
(B) Beginning of the sky
(C) Kambelpur railway station
(D) Home

Q11. What made the child control his greed for jalebis at first ?

(A) the fear of the teachers
(B) his and his family’s reputation
(C) the fear of being beaten
(D) the fear of the police

Q12. Who translated the lesson “Jalebis” from Urdu?

(A) Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
(B) Rabindranath Tagore
(C) Sufiya Pathan
(D) Master Ghulam Mohammed

Q13. The child was tempted to buy jalebis but while returning from school

(A) he controlled his greed
(B) he ran to the jalebi shop
(C) he sat down and thought
(D) he threw away the rupees

Q14. Who is the writer of the lesson Jalebis?

(A) Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi
(B) Rabindranath Tagore
(C) Sufiya Pathan
(D) None of the Above

Q15. The story develops because

(A) the narrator stole some money
(B) he was given four rupees
(C) he loved to eat sweets
(D) the school fee could not be collected on the fixed day

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All questions answers

1 (B)
2 (C)
3 (B)
4 (C)
5 (A)
6 (A)
7 (C)
8 (C)
9 (B)
10 (C)
11 (B)
12 (C)
13 (A)
14 (D)
15 (D)

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