Children at Work MCQ Questions Class 8 English Chapter 2 with Answers

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Q1. Velu reached Chennai Central

(A) to meet Jaya
(B) having run away from home
(C) because he had got a job there
(D) to see Chennai

Q2. Why did Velu run away from his house?

(A) His mother disliked him
(B) His brother irritated him
(C) His father beat him
(D) His friends made fun of him

Q3. Velu got into the train

(A) with a ticket for Chennai Central
(B) without a cricket
(C) and was caught by the TTI
(D) and got safely to the Chennai central because he had a ticket

Q4. From where did Velu run away?

(A) Home
(B) Work
(C) School
(D) None of these

Q5. What was the girl collecting from the platform?

(A) Books
(B) Money
(C) Plastic cups
(D) Papers

Q6. Velu ran after Jaya because

(A) he had no idea where to go
(B) he had liked the girl
(C) Jaya had asked him to do so
(D) he wanted to give jaya to police

Q7. Did he have money to buy the ticket?

(A) Yes
(B) No
(C) Maybe
(D) Not mentioned in the story

Q8. Where did the ragpickers sell the rubbish?

(A) To a market
(B) To Jam Bazaar Jaggu
(C) To Jaggu
(D) To a shop

Q9. What was the girl wearing?

(A) Gown
(B) Frock
(C) Shorts
(D) Banian

Q10. Where was Velu stopped by train?

(A) Hyderabad
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Chennai
(D) Delhi

Q11. How old was Velu?

(A) 10-year old
(B) 11-year old
(C) 12-year old
(D) 13-year old

Q12. What did they do with all the stuff?

(A) Sell it to a factory
(B) Sell it to Jam Bazaar Maggu
(C) Sell it to Mam Bazaar Jaggu
(D) Sell it to Jam Bazaar Jaggu

Q13. Why did he decide to follow the strange girl?

(A) He liked her
(B) He wanted work
(C) He had nowhere else to go
(D) All of the Above

Q14. What was the name of the girl?

(A) Maya
(B) Kaya
(C) Jaya
(D) Saya

Q15. Why Velu did not buy a ticket?

(A) Because he was tired
(B) Because he did not know how to buy ticket
(C) Because he had no money
(D) All of these

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All questions answers


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