Chivvy MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 4 with Answers

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Q1. The grown-ups do not behave well. They them

(A) bully
(B) like
(C) love
(D) hate
(D) All of Above

Q2. Name the poet of the poem.

(A) Shirley Bauer
(B) M.B. Armstrong
(C) D.J. Enright
(D) Michael Rosen

Q3. An adult say we always carry our own –

(A) Hankie
(B) Umbrella
(B) Bottle of water
(D) All of Above

Q4. The children do not like:

(A) to study
(B) the way grown-ups instruct them
(C) good manners
(D) to be insulted

Q5. The lesson of the poem Is that the grown ups must

(A) leave the child alone
(B) keep on behaving the way they do
(C) Improve their behavior
(D) send the child to school

Q6. When someone do good with us we –

(A) Are likely to be told thank you
(B) Must ignore them
(C) Should say welcome
(D) All of Above

Q7. Grown up says to keep our hand-

(A) Inside of our pockets
(B) Out of pour pockets
(C) Upon our pockets
(D) All of Above

Q8. In which stage is the listener?

(A) In the school going stage
(B) In a grown-up stage
(C) In infancy
(D) In the adult stage

Q9. What does walking by dragging feet suggest?

(A) bad manners
(B) shoes soul would be affected
(C) feet may get hurt
(D) one of these

Q10. Why would the child need a hankie?

(A) to clean his face
(B) to clean his shoes
(C) to clean his bag
(D) to clean his slate

Q11. Grownups told us to –

(A) Make noise
(B) Make less noise
(C) Remain silent
(D) All of Above

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