Coordinate Geometry MCQ Questions for Class 9 Math’s Chapter 3 with Answers

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MCQ Questions for Class 9 Mathematics with Answers

Q1. The mirror image of the point (-3, -4) in x-axis is

(A) (-4, -3)
(B) (3, -4)
(C) (3, 4)
(D) (-3, 4)

Q2. The point (–2, 0) lies on :

(A) +ve x-axis
(B) +ve y-axis
(C) –ve x-axis
(D) –ve y-axis

Q3. Ordinate of all the points in the x-axis is:

(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) –1
(D) Any natural number

Q4. If the coordinates of a point are (3, 0), then it lies in:

(A) X-axis
(B) Y-axis
(C) At origin
(D) Between x-axis and y-axis

Q5. Abscissa of all points on the x-axis is

(A) -1
(B) 0
(C) any number
(D) 1

Q6. The points (-5, 2) and (2, -5) lie in the

(а) same quadrant
(B) II and III quadrant respectively.
(C) II and IV quadrant respectively.
(D) I and IV quadrant respectively.

Q7. A point of the form (0, (B) lies on

(A) x- axis
(B) quadrant III
(C) quadrant I
(D) y- axis

Q8. The name of horizontal line in the cartesian plane which determines the position of a point is called:

(A) Origin
(B) X-axis
(C) Y-axis
(D) Quadrants

Q9. Find the ratio in which the line joining the points (6, 4) and (1, –7) is divided by x-axis.

(A) 1 : 3
(B) 2 : 7
(C) 4 : 7
(D) 6 : 7

Q10. The co-ordinates of the origin are

(A) (2, 0)
(B) (0, 2)
(C) (0, 0)
(D) (2, 2)

Q11. The number of parts the coordinates axes divide the plane is

(A) Two parts
(B) Four parts
(C) Six parts
(D) Eight parts

Q12. Ordinate of all the points in the x-axis is:

(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) –1
(D) Any natural number

Q13. The points (–4,–8) lies in:

(A) First quadrant
(B) Second quadrant
(C) Third quadrant
(D) Fourth quadrant

Q14. Mirror image of the point (9, -8) in y-axis is

(A) (-9, -8)
(B) (9, 8)
(C) (-9, 8)
(D) (-8, 9)

Q15. The abscissa or x-coordinate of any point on Y-axis is:

(A) Three
(B) Two
(C) One
(D) Zero

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