Desert Animals Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 9

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Q1. Most snakes are:

(A) Harmless
(B) Lays eggs
(C) venomus
(D) a and b both

Q2. A thirsty camel can drink thirty gallons of water

(A) in 15 minutes
(B) in 10 minutes
(C) in 25 minutes
(D) in one minute

Q3. How many kinds of the desert snakes living in the world?

(A) More than 2000
(B) More than 2300
(C) More than 1000

Q4. How gerbil (deser rat) survives in hot days?

(A) It makes underground burrows
(B) It stores water in hump
(C) Its legs absorb moisture from surrounding
(D) None

Q5. Camels get the necessary water

(A) from the desert plants they
(B) from mirages eat
(C) from their humps
(D) from the body

Q6. All desert animals struggle

(A) to survive in harsh conditions
(B) to get sleep
(C) to win
(D) to get food

Q7. Dries places on the earth are:

(A) Grassland
(B) Desert
(C) Hills
(D) Valley

Q8. Which is the driest place on earth?

(A) Desert
(B) River
(C) Land

Q9. The animals to save themselves

(A) play
(B) attack
(C) sleep
(D) shout

Q10. Which place may have no rainfall fo rmonths or even years?

(A) Grassland
(B) Desert
(C) Hills
(D) Valley

Q11. Who spend the hottest part of the day in cool underground?

(A) Squirrel
(B) Gerbils
(C) Camel

Q12. Which part of darkling beetle catches drops of moisture.

(A) Head
(B) Antenna
(C) Legs
(D) Mouth

Q13. Gerbils spend the hottest part of the day

(A) under trees
(B) in the valleys
(C) in cool underground burrows
(D) in water

Q14. Write the meaning of scorching?

(A) Very cold
(B) Hot
(C) Very hot

Q15. Which among these is not a desert animal?

(A) Gerbil Darkling beetle
(B) Camel
(C) Darkling beetles
(D) Cactus

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