Direct and Indirect Proportions MCQ Questions for Class 8 Math’s Chapter 13 with Answers

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Q1. What is the cost of 50 sticks at Rs 24 per score ?

(A) Rs 30
(B) Rs 40
(C) Rs 50
(D) Rs 60.

Q2. If the cost of 27 bags of paddy is Rs.9450, what is the cost of 36 bags of paddy?

(A) Rs.12000
(B) Rs.12600
(C) Rs.16200
(D) Rs.10620

Q3. 8 g of sandal wood cost Rs 40. What will 10 g cost ?

(A) Rs 30
(B) Rs 36
(C) Rs 48
(D) Rs 50

Q4. 15 books weigh 6 kg. What will 6 books weigh ?

(A) 1.2 kg
(B) 2.4 kg
(C) 3.8 kg
(D) 3 kg.

Q5. If 3 men or 6 women can do a piece of work in 16 days, in how many days can 12 men and 8 women do the same piece of work?

(A) 4 days
(B) 5 days
(C) 3 days
(D) 2 days

Q6. A boy runs 1 km in 5 minutes. How long will he take to run 600 m?

(A) 2 minutes
(B) 3 minutes
(C) 4 minutes
(D) 6 minutes

Q7. 15 men can mow 40 hectares of land in 1 day. How much will 6 men mow in 1 day ?

(A) 16 hectares
(B) 12 hectares
(C) 20 hectares
(D) 24 hectares.

Q8. 72 books are packed in 4 cartons of the same size. How many cartons are required for 360 books?

(A) 22
(B) 18
(C) 20
(D) None of these

Q9. A journey by bus takes 45 minutes at 40 km/hour. How fast must a car go to undertake the same journey in 25 minutes?

(A) 36 km/h
(B) 48 km/h
(C) 72 km/h
(D) None of these

Q10. The scale of a map is 1:3×107 Two cities are 5 cm apart on the map. Find the actual distance between them in kilometres.

(A) 1500 km
(B) 1000 km
(C) 1100 km
(D) 2000 km

Q11. x varies inversely as square of y. Given that y = 3 for x = 1.find the value of x for y = 4.

(A) 3
(B) 9
(C) 1/3
(D) 9/16

Q12. 8 g of sandal wood cost Rs 40. What will 10 g cost ?

(A) Rs 30
(B) Rs 36
(C) Rs 48
(D) Rs 50.

Q13. A shot travels 90 m in 1 second. How long will it take to go 225 m ?

(A) 2 seconds
(B) 2.5 seconds
(C) 4 seconds
(D) 3.5 seconds.

Q14. If 3 quintals of coal cost Rs 6000, What is the cost of 120 kg?

(A) Rs 1200
(B) Rs 2400
(C) Rs 3600
(D) Rs 4800

Q15. The price of 357 mangoes is Rs.1517.25. What will be the approximate price of 49 dozens of such mangoes?

(A) Rs.3000
(B) Rs.3500
(C) Rs.4000
(D) Rs.2500

Q16. If x and y vary inversely. Then using the following table, find x if y = 10. x = 15, y = 90

(A) 100
(B) 135
(C) 400
(D) 200

Q17. There is enough food to last for 40 people for 10 days. If 10 more people join them, the food will last for

(A) 10 days
(B) 12 days
(C) 8 days
(D) None of these

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