Engineering Materials Objective Questions with Answers – Set 03

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Q1. The following element can’t impart high strength at elevated temperature

(A) Manganese
(B) Magnesium
(C) Nickel
(D) Silicon

Q2. According to Indian standard specifications, SG 400/15 means

(A) Spheroidal graphite cast iron with B.H.N. 400 and minimum tensile strength 15 MPa
(B) Spheroidal graphite cast iron with minimum tensile strength 400 MPa and 15 percent elongation
(C) Spheroidal graphite cast iron with minimum compressive strength 400 MPa and 15 percent reduction in area
(D) None of the above

Q3. Dow metal contains

(A) 94% aluminium, 4% copper and 0.5% Mn, Mg, Si and Fe
(B) 92.5% aluminium and, 4% copper, 2% nickel and 1.5% Mg
(C) 90% aluminium and 90% copper
(D) 90% magnesium and 9% aluminium with some copper

Q4. Which of the following iron exist between 910°C and 1403°C?

(A) α-iron
(B) β-iron
(C) γ-iron
(D) δ-iron

Q5. Dislocations in materials refer to the following type of defect

(A) Point defect
(B) Line defect
(C) Plane defect
(D) Volumetric defect

Q6. The charge of the blast furnace consists of

(A) Calcined ore (8 parts), coke (4 parts) and limestone (1 part)
(B) Calcined ore (4 parts), coke (1 part) and limestone (8 parts)
(C) Calcined ore (1 part), coke (8 parts) and limestone (4 parts)
(D) Calcined ore, coke and limestone all in equal parts

Q7. Brass (alloy of copper and zinc) is an example of

(A) Substitutional solid solution
(B) Interstitial solid solution
(C) Intermetallic compounds
(D) All of the above

Q8. Body centered cubic space lattice is found in

(A) Zinc, magnesium, cobalt, cadmium, antimony and bismuth
(B) Gamma iron, aluminium, copper, lead, silver and nickel
(C) Alpha iron, tungsten, chromium and molybdenum
(D) None of the above

Q9. Malleable cast iron

(A) Contains 1.7 to 3.5% carbon in Free State and is obtained by the slow cooling of molten cast iron
(B) Is also known as chilled cast iron and is obtained by cooling rapidly. It is almost unmachinable
(C) Is produced by annealing process. It is soft, tough, and easily machined metal
(D) Is produced by small additions of magnesium (or cerium) in the ladle. Graphite is in the nodular or spheroidal form and is well dispersed throughout the material

Q10. When low carbon steel is heated up to upper critical temperature

(A) There is no change in grain size
(B) The average grain size is a minimum
(C) The grain size increases very rapidly
(D) The grain size first increases and then decreases very rapidly

Q11. Pipes for bicycle frames are made of

(A) Cold rolled steel
(B) Hot rolled steel
(C) Forged steel
(D) Cast steel

Q12. In process annealing, the hypo eutectoid steel is

(A) Heated from 30°C to 50°C above the upper critical temperature and then cooled in still air
(B) Heated from 30°C to 50°C above the upper critical temperature and then cooled suddenly in a suitable cooling medium
(C) Heated from 30°C to 50°C above the upper critical temperature and then cooled slowly in the furnace
(D) Heated below or closes to the lower critical temperature and then cooled slowly

Q13. Which of the following alloys does not have copper as one of the constituents?

(A) Delta metal
(B) Monel metal
(C) Constantan
(D) Nichrome

Q14. The presence of hydrogen in steel causes

(A) Reduced neutron absorption cross-section
(B) Improved Weldability
(C) Embrittlement
(D) Corrosion resistance

Q15. Which is false statement about annealing? Annealing is done to

(A) Relieve stresses
(B) Harden steel slightly
(C) Improve machining characteristic
(D) Soften material

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