Engineering Materials Objective Questions with Answers – Set 14

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Q1. The heat treatment process used for softening hardened steel is

(A) Carburising
(B) Normalizing
(C) Annealing
(D) Tempering

Q2. Which is false statement about case hardening? Case hardening is done by

(A) Electroplating
(B) Cyaniding
(C) Induction hardening
(D) Nitriding

Q3. The ultimate tensile strength of low carbon steel by working at a high strain rate will

(A) Decrease
(B) Increase
(C) Remain constant
(D) First increase and then decrease

Q4. The lower critical temperature

(A) Decreases as the carbon content in steel increases
(B) Increases as the carbon content in steel increases
(C) Is same for all steels
(D) Depends upon the rate of heating

Q5. Cast iron is characterized by minimum of following percentage of carbon

(A) 0.2%
(B) 0.8%
(C) 1.3%
(D) 2%

Q6. White cast iron contains carbon in the form of

(A) Free carbon
(B) Graphite
(C) Cementite
(D) White carbon

Q7. White cast iron has

(A) Carbon in the form of carbide
(B) Low tensile strength
(C) High compressive strength
(D) All of these

Q8. When elements like nickel, chromium, copper and molybdenum are added to the molten cast iron, it produces

(A) White cast iron
(B) Nodular cast iron
(C) Malleable cast iron
(D) Alloy cast iron

Q9. Gamma iron exits at following temperature

(A) Room temperature
(B) Near melting point
(C) Between 1400°C and 1539°C
(D) Between 910°C and 1400°C

Q10. Steel containing ferrite and pearlite is

(A) Hard
(B) Soft
(C) Tough
(D) Hard and tough

Q11. Delta-iron occurs between the temperature ranges of

(A) 400°C to 600°C
(B) 600°C to 900°C
(C) 900°C to 1400°C
(D) 1400°C to 1530°C

Q12. Following elements have face-centered cubic structure

(A) Gamma iron (910° to 1400°C), Cu, Ag, Au, Al, Ni, Pb, Pt
(B) Mg, Zn, Ti, Zr, Br, Cd
(C) A iron (below 910°C and between 1400 to 1539°C), W
(D) All of the above

Q13. Slow plastic deformation of metals under a constant stress is known as

(A) Creep
(B) Fatigue
(C) Endurance
(D) Plastic deformation

Q14. In induction hardening __ is high.

(A) Current
(B) Voltage
(C) Frequency
(D) Temperature

Q15. The unique property of cast iron is its high

(A) Malleability
(B) Ductility
(C) Surface finish
(D) Damping characteristics

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