Engineering Materials Objective Questions with Answers – Set 15

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Q1. Constantan an alloy used in thermocouples is an alloy of

(A) Copper and tin
(B) Copper and zinc
(C) Copper and iron
(D) Copper and nickel

Q2. When low carbon steel is heated up to lower critical temperature

(A) There is no change in grain size
(B) The average grain size is a minimum
(C) The grain size increases very rapidly
(D) The grain size first increases and then decreases very rapidly

Q3. The elastic stress strain behavior of rubber is

(A) Linear
(B) Nonlinear
(C) Plastic
(D) No fixed relationship

Q4. Paramagnetic alpha iron changes to gamma iron at

(A) 770°C
(B) 910°C
(C) 1440°C
(D) 1539°C

Q5. Malleable cast iron is produced

(A) By adding magnesium to molten cast iron
(B) By quick cooling of molten cast iron
(C) From white cast iron by annealing process
(D) None of these

Q6. Dye penetrant method is generally used to locate

(A) Core defects
(B) Surface defects
(C) Superficial defects
(D) Temporary defects

Q7. The molecules in a solid move

(A) In a random manner
(B) In a haphazard way
(C) In circular motion
(D) Back and forth like tiny pendulums

Q8. Isotropic materials are those which have the same

(A) Elastic properties in all directions
(B) Stresses induced in all directions
(C) Thermal properties in all directions
(D) Electric and magnetic properties in all directions

Q9. Which of the following statements are true for annealing of steels?

(A) Steels are heated to 500 to 700°C
(B) Cooling is done slowly and steadily
(C) Internal stresses are relieved
(D) All of these

Q10. The crystal of alpha iron is

(A) Body centered cubic
(B) Face centered cubic
(C) Hexagonal close packed
(D) Cubic structure

Q11. An important property of high silicon (12-18%) cast iron is the high

(A) Hardness
(B) Brittleness
(C) Plasticity
(D) Ductility

Q12. Balls for ball bearings are made of

(A) Cast iron
(B) Mild steel
(C) Stainless steel
(D) Carbon-chrome steel

Q13. Which of the following metal is used in making electrical resistance wire for electric furnaces and heating elements?

(A) Babbitt metal
(B) Monel metal
(C) Nichrome
(D) Phosphor bronze

Q14. The crystal structure of gamma iron is

(A) Body centered cubic
(B) Face centered cubic
(C) Hexagonal close packed
(D) Cubic structure

Q15. Induction hardening is basically a

(A) Carburising process
(B) Surface hardening process
(C) Core hardening process
(D) None of these

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