Engineering Thermodynamics Questions And Answers – Set 26

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Q1. In an irreversible process, there is a

(A) Loss of heat
(B) No loss of heat
(C) Gain of heat
(D) No gain of heat

Q2. The general law for the expansion or compression of gases, is

(A) pv = C
(B) pv = m R T
(C) pvn = C
(D) pvγ = C

Q3. Work-done in a free expansion process is

(A) Zero
(B) Minimum
(C) Maximum
(D) Positive

Q4. One kg of carbon requires 4/3 kg of oxygen and produces __ kg of carbon monoxide gas.

(A) 8/3
(B) 11/3
(C) 11/7
(D) 7/3

Q5. The thermodynamic difference between a Rankine cycle working with saturated steam and the Carnot cycle is that

(A) Carnot cycle can’t work with saturated steam
(B) Heat is supplied to water at temperature below the maximum temperature of the cycle
(C) A Rankine cycle receives heat at two places
(D) Rankine cycle is hypothetical

Q6. Which of the following gas is mostly used in town for street and domestic lighting and heating?

(A) Producer gas
(B) Coal gas
(C) Mond gas
(D) Coke oven gas

Q7. The principal constituents of a fuel are

(A) Carbon and hydrogen
(B) Oxygen and hydrogen
(C) Sulphur and oxygen
(D) Sulphur and hydrogen

Q8. Kelvin-Planck’s law deals with

(A) Conservation of work
(B) Conservation of heat
(C) Conversion of heat into work
(D) Conversion of work into heat

Q9. The efficiency of Diesel cycle approaches to Otto cycle efficiency when

(A) Cut-off is increased
(B) Cut-off is decreased
(C) Cut-off is zero
(D) Cut-off is constant

Q10. When coal is first dried and then crushed to a fine powder by pulverizing machine, the resulting fuel is called

(A) Wood charcoal
(B) Bituminous coal
(C) Briquetted coal
(D) None of these

Q11. The polytropic index (n) is given by

(A) log (p1p2)/log (v1v2)
(B) log (p2/ p1)/log (v1/ v2)
(C) log (v1/ v2)/ log (p1/p2)
(D) log [(p1v1)/(p2v2)]

Q12. The reading of the pressure gauge fitted on a vessel is 25 bar. The atmospheric pressure is 1.03 bar and the value of ‘g’ is 9.81 m/s2. The absolute pressure in the vessel is

(A) 23.97 bar
(B) 25 bar
(C) 26.03 bar
(D) 34.81 bar

Q13. Second law of thermodynamics defines

(A) Heat
(B) Work
(C) Internal energy
(D) Entropy

Q14. The behavior of a perfect gas, undergoing any change in the variables which control physical properties, is governed by

(A) Boyle’s law
(B) Charles’ law
(C) Gay-Lussac law
(D) All of these

Q15. The gas in cooling chamber of a closed cycle gas turbine is cooled at

(A) Constant volume
(B) Constant temperature
(C) Constant pressure
(D) None of these

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All question answer

4 (D)
6 (B)

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