Fire: Friend and Foe MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 8 with Answers

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Q1. People suffering from the effects of smoke should be given before sending them to hospital

(A) injection
(B) first aid
(C) biscuit milk
(D) energy drink

Q2. When can fire be dangerous?

(A) When it gets out of control
(B) While cooking food
(C) While warming hands
(D) While producing electricity

Q3. Early man was unknown about the –

(A) Air
(B) Fire
(C) Water
(D) None of those

Q4. The three things which are needed to make fire are –

(A) Heat, fuel and oxygen
(B) Fuel, carbon and oxygen
(C) Heat, carbon and fuel
(D) None of those

Q5. Bands of fire fighter are known for being the

(A) Trained people to putout fire
(B) skilled people to put out fire
(C) trained people in first aid
(D) all of these

Q6. The temperature at which every fuel bums is called:

(A) the flush point
(B) the flash point
(C) the fire point
(D) all the above

Q7. Band of firefighting workers with special equipment, known as –

(A) Fire members
(B) Fire brigade
(C) Fire men
(D) None of those

Q8. Early man was frightened of:

(A) lightning and volcanoes
(B) the damage caused by them
(C) fire
(D) none of these

Q9. What used to happen if a fire broke out?

(A) Call for the fire brigade
(B) Passed buckets of water
(C) Formed human chains
(D) Both (B) and (C)

Q10. Fire is called a bad master because –

(A) It always be harmful to human being
(B) It always damages and harms everything
(C) If it is not kept under control it can be dangerous to everything
(D) None of those

Q11. Water should not be used on fire caused by

(A) fuel
(B) dry leaves
(C) oil
(D) electrical appliances

Q12. The fuels available in natural form are:

(A) cooking gas
(B) electricity
(C) petrol
(D) coal

Q13. If any person sprays water onto an electrical fire, he might receive –

(A) An electrical shock
(B) Arson
(C) Discharge
(D) None of those

Q14. How much money do we spend on fighting fires?

(A) Millions of rupees
(B) Crores of rupees
(C) Billions of rupees
(D) Lakhs of rupees

Q15. The ‘flash point’ of fuel is

(A) torch light
(B) temperature to bum
(C) memory
(D) lighting match

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