Garden Snake MCQ Questions for Class 7 English Chapter 9 with Answers

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Q1. The garden snake

(A) eats insects
(B) lives In the garden
(C) Is venomous
(D) is afraid of human beings

Q2. Name the poet of the poem.

(A) M.B. Armstrong
(B) Shirley Bauer
(C) D.J. Enright
(D) Muriel L. Sonne

Q3. To see the snake, the speaker is got –

(A) Anxious
(B) Furious
(C) Happy
(D) None of those

Q4. The mother told that a garden snake was:

(A) dangerous
(B) poisonous
(C) harmless
(D) their guest
(D) None of those

Q5. What does the poet mean by ‘There’s no mistake’?

(A) snake won’t bite
(B) that there is no harm in standing there
(C) that some mistakes can be made
(D) that everything is correct

Q6. His mother says these kind of good snakes eat –

(A) Grass
(B) Minor creatures
(C) Insects

Q7. Who are ‘they’ here?

(A) The people
(B) Poet and his mother
(C) Some snakes
(D) Some children

Q8. Which snake is mother talking about?

(A) Garden snake
(B) Cobra
(C) Rattle snake
(D) Python

Q9. A snake moves in a –

(A) Straight way
(B) Direct way
(C) Serpentine way
(D) None of those

Q10. The term used for the movement of the snake is:

(A) wriggles
(B) crawls
(C) moves
(D) both (A) and (B)

Q11. Why does the snake kill insects?

(A) because he does not like them
(B) because he wants to rule the forest
(C) because he wants to eat them as a food
(D) because he wants to save human beings

Q12. When the snake wiggles in the grass the speaker –

(A) Stand aside and watch him to pass
(B) Hide behind the tree
(C) Run away to his room
(D) None of those

Q13. Give the meaning of ‘wiggles’.

(A) twists
(B) folds
(C) talks
(D) giggles

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