Geography Lesson MCQ Questions Class 8 English Poems Chapter 2 with Answers

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Q1. From that height the poet saw that

(A) the earth is full of people
(B) the earth has hills and deserts
(C) the earth has much water
(D) the earth has much land.

Q2. What did the poet fail to understand?

(A) Why the children do not like studies
(B) Why men on earth hate each other
(C) Why men are after earning more and more money
(D) None of these

Q3. What sprang into the sky?

(A) Rocket
(B) Helicopter
(C) Jet
(D) None of these

Q4. How were the valleys?

(A) Beautiful
(B) Clean
(C) Populated
(D) None of these

Q5. The cities are developed

(A) in the open space
(B) on the hill-side
(C) by the river-side
(D) in the deserts.

Q6. Who is the poet of the poem “Geography Lesson”?

(A) Zulfikar Ghose
(B) Zulfikar Khosla
(C) Aesop
(D) Roald Dahl

Q7. What is the meaning of ‘ delineated in this poem?

(A) Decided
(B) Treated
(C) Planned
(D) Shown

Q8. How high was the jet when the poet saw the land?

(A) Two feet to mile
(B) Six inches to mile
(C) Three feet to kilometer
(D) Three kilometers to mile

Q9. What was the logic of geography?

(A) Land and water attracted man
(B) Open sky attracted man
(C) Sand and land attracted man
(D) None of the above.

Q10. When the Jet —– six miles high,’

(A) Rose
(B) Sprang
(C) Reached
(D) None

Q11. The city appeared from the sky

(A) very big
(B) very small
(C) very wide
(D) very beautiful.

Q12. What was the “logic of geography”?

(A) Land and water attracted man
(B) Why valleys were populated
(C) Why cities ran along the river
(D) How cities are developed

Q12. Who hate other on the earth?

(A) Animals
(B) Men
(C) Birds
(D) All of them

Q13. How high has the jet reached?

(A) One thousand feet
(B) Two thousand feet
(C) Ten thousand feet
(D) Twenty thousand feet

Q14. When did it become clear as to why the city had developed the way it is?

(A) At a height of ten thousand miles
(B) At a height of six miles
(C) At a height of six inches to the mile
(D) At a height of six thousand miles

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