Glimpses of the Past MCQ Questions Class 8 English Chapter 3 with Answers

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Q1. In which year the newspapers had been stopped by the British?

(A) 1823
(B) 1832
(C) 1932
(D) 1923

Q2. What was Regulation III that was passed by the Britisher?

(A) New land rules
(B) Imprisoning any Indian without a trial in court
(C) Both a and b
(D) None of the above

Q3. Knowledge should be —— and scientific.

(A) Mutual
(B) Practical
(C) Moral
(D) None of these

Q4. Under Regulation III of the British rulers

(A) Indians were to pay higher taxes
(B) British goods became cheap
(C) cotton-wearers became poor
(D) Indians could be jailed without trial in a court.

Q5. Name the wife of Ram Mohan Roy

(A) Maya
(B) Bela
(C) Geeta
(D) Uma

Q6. Who was extending its power in 18th century India?

(A) East India company
(B) British East India Company
(C) Indian National Congress
(D) None of them

Q7. The worst sufferers under the British rule were

(A) who served in East India Company
(B) the business community
(C) the religious leaders
(D) the poor farmers and artisans

Q8. Who tried to end superstitions in India?

(A) Tipu Sultan
(B) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(C) Subhash Chandra Bose
(D) All of the above

Q9. Who is the singer singing in Picture-1?

(A) Asha Bhosle
(B) Lata Mangeshkar
(C) Sunidhi Chauhan
(D) Kanika Kapoor

Q10. What did the British impose on the Indian farmers?

(A) Heavy taxes
(B) Service taxes
(C) Regulation II
(D) Regulation III

Q11. Ram Mohan Roy born and died in the year —

(A) 1727-1833
(B) 1772-1830
(C) 1772-1833
(D) 1733-1872

Q12. The company’s conquests from — to —-

(A) 1757-1857
(B) 1857-1949
(C) 1757-1949
(D) 1757-1849

Q13. In the year 1765, in India

(A) The British Govt, ruled most of the country
(B) East India Company ruled most parts of India
(C) Indian princes ruled most of the country
(D) The Mughals ruled the whole country

Q14. Who all are present in Picture-1?

(A) Indira Gandhi
(B) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Lal Bahadur Shastri Ji
(D) All of the above

Q15. Now we have become slaves of foreigners!’ – who are ‘we’ here?

(A) Bangladeshis
(B) Indian
(C) Pakistanis
(D) All of them

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