Heat and Mass Transfer MCQ – Set 01

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Q1. Sensible heat is the heat required to

(A) Change vapour into liquid
(B) Change liquid into vapour
(C) Increase the temperature of a liquid of vapour
(D) Convert water into steam and superheat it

Q2. Heat transfer in liquid and gases takes place by

(A) Conduction
(B) Convection
(C) Radiation
(D) Conduction and convection

Q3. Temperature of steam at around 540°C can be measured by

(A) Thermometer
(B) Thermistor
(C) Thermocouple
(D) None of these

Q4. Thermal conductivity of glass wool varies from sample to sample because of variation in

(A) Composition
(B) Density
(C) Porosity
(D) All of the above

Q5. A non-dimensional number generally associated with natural convection heat transfer is

(A) Grashoff number
(B) Nusselt number
(C) Weber number
(D) Prandtl number

Q6. Reynolds number (RN) is given by (where h = Film coefficient, l = Linear dimension, V = Velocity of fluid, k = Thermal conductivity, t = Temperature, ρ = Density of fluid, cp = Specific heat at constant pressure, and μ = Coefficient of absolute viscosity)

(A) RN = hl/k
(B) RN = μ cp/k
(C) RN = ρ V l /μ
(D) RN = V²/t.cp

Q7. The heat transfer takes place according to

(A) Zeroth law of thermodynamics
(B) First law of thermodynamics
(C) Second law of thermodynamics
(D) Kirchhoff’s law

Q8. Thermal diffusivity of a substance is

(A) Directly proportional to the thermal conductivity
(B) Inversely proportional to density of substance
(C) Inversely proportional to specific heat
(D) All of the above

Q9. According to Stefan Boltzmann law, the total radiation from a black body per second per unit area is directly proportional to the

(A) Absolute temperature
(B) Square of the absolute temperature
(C) Cube of the absolute temperature
(D) Fourth power of the absolute temperature

Q10. The critical temperature is the temperature

(A) Below which a gas does not obey gas laws
(B) Above which a gas may explode
(C) Below which a gas is always liquefied
(D) Above which a gas will never liquefied

Q11. When heat is transferred from hot body to cold body, in a straight line, without affecting the intervening medium, it is referred as heat transfer by

(A) Conduction
(B) Convection
(C) Radiation
(D) Conduction and convection

Q12. Which of the following is the case of heat transfer by radiation?

(A) Blast furnace
(B) Heating of building
(C) Cooling of parts in furnace
(D) Heat received by a person from fireplace

Q13. Thermal conductivity of air at room temperature in kcal/m hr °C is of the order of

(A) 0.002
(B) 0.02
(C) 0.01
(D) 0.1

Q14. Thermal conductivity of a material may be defined as the

(A) Quantity of heat flowing in one second through one cm cube of material when opposite faces are maintained at a temperature difference of 1°C
(B) Quantity of heat flowing in one second through a slab of the material of area one cm square, thickness 1 cm when its faces differ in temperature by 1°C
(C) Heat conducted in unit time across unit area through unit thickness when a temperature difference of unity is maintained between opposite faces
(D) All of the above

Q15. Two balls of same material and finish have their diameters in the ratio of 2: 1 and both are heated to same temperature and allowed to cool by radiation. Rate of cooling by big ball as compared to smaller one will be in the ratio of

(A) 1:1
(B) 2: 1
(C) 1: 2
(D) 4: 1

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