Heat MCQ Questions for Class 7 Science Chapter 4 with Answers

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Q1. The phenomenon involved in the formation of land and sea breeze is:

(A) conduction
(B) convection
(C) radiation
(D) all of these

Q2. Heat transferred into solids by:

(A) conduction
(B) convection
(C) radiation
(D) insulators

Q3. Which type of cloth is preferred in summer?

(A) Silk clothes
(B) Cotton clothes
(C) Nylon clothes
(D) Polyester clothes

Q4. Which of the following is the best conductor of heat?

(A) Water vapour
(B) Metals
(C) Alcohol
(D) Water

Q5. Which scale was used in clinical thermometer during earlier times?

(A) Celsius scale
(B) Fahrenheit scale
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these

Q6. Name the device which is used to measure the hotness or coldness of an object.

(A) Picometer
(B) Barometer
(C) Manometer
(D) Thermometer

Q7. The materials which allow the heat to pass through them easily are called

(A) insulators
(B) conductors
(C) semiconductors
(D) poor conductors

Q8. Which of the following is a insulator

(A) Graphite
(B) Air
(C) Aluminium rod
(D) Copper rod

Q9. Expansion of a substance on heating depends on

(A) nature of the substance
(B) rise in temperature
(C) both A and B
(D) color of the substance

Q10. A device used to measure the temperature is

(A) transistor
(B) thermometer
(C) mercury
(D) none of these

Q11. A marble tile would feel cold as compared to a wooden tile on a winter morning, because the marble tile:

(A) is a better conductor of heat than the wooden tile.
(B) is polished while wooden tile is not polished.
(C) reflects more heat than wooden tile.
(D) is a poor conductor of heat than the wooden tile.

Q12. In which process heat is transferred from hotter end to colder end is known as:

(A) conduction
(B) convection
(C) radiation
(D) none of these

Q13. Heat is a form

(A) Power
(B) Work
(C) Temperature
(D) Energy

Q14. During the night

(A) Sea water heats up
(B) Land heats up
(C) Land cools more quickly than the sea
(D) Sea cools quickly than the land

Q15. What is the range of the temperature reading of a clinical thermometer?

(A) 35°C – 42°C
(B) -10°C – 110°C
(C) 0°C – 100°C
(D) 32°C – 42°C

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