How the Camel Got His Hump MCQ Questions Class 8 English Chapter 1 with Answers

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Q1. The Dog went to the Camel

(A) barking
(B) with a stick
(C) running
(D) with a can of water

Q2. How much work did the animals have to do?

(A) Single time
(B) Double time
(C) Triple time
(D) No work

Q3. Who did not want to work?

(A) Dog
(B) Ox
(C) Camel
(D) Horse

Q4. Where did the Camel live?

(A) In the river sides
(B) Middle of a dark forest
(C) Middle of a howling desert
(D) None of these

Q5. Who was the lord of all deserts?

(A) Man
(B) Djinn
(C) Magicean
(D) Camel

Q6. The Djinn came to the Panchayat

(A) with a loud noise
(B) riding on a horse
(C) rolling in the dust
(D) coming down from the sky above

Q7. Man called the Horse, the Dog and the Ox together and asked them

(A) to force the Camel to work
(B) to work double-time
(C) to go to the Djinn
(D) to hold a panchayat

Q8. Only one animal refused to work, who was it?

(A) Dog
(B) Ox
(C) Camel
(D) Horse

Q9. Who first attempted to talk to the camel?

(A) Horse
(B) Dog
(C) Elephant
(D) Ox

Q10. What did the camel not want to do?

(A) Live
(B) Cat
(C) Sleep
(D) Work

Q11. Who complained about the idleness of the camel?

(A) Man
(B) Dijnn
(C) Animals
(D) None of the above

Q12. When the Djinn went to the Camel

(A) the Camel obeyed him at once
(B) asked him to go away
(C) the Camel asked him why he had come
(D) the Camel went on looking at his own reflection in the water

Q13. What, according to the Djinn, was the use of the “humph”?

(A) It made the camel look better than the others.
(B) It made the camel look tall.
(C) The camel could work for three days without eating.
(D) The camel looked more attractive.

Q14. Where did the camel live?

(A) A Big Desert
(B) Howland Desert
(C) A Howling Desert
(D) Howled Desert

Q15. The camel said, “Humph” repeatedly. How did it affect him?

(A) He did not have to work like others.
(B) All others became friends with him.
(C) His back suddenly grew a lump.
(D) He was asked to leave the desert.

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