How the Dog Found Himself a New Master? Class 6 MCQ Questions with Answers English Chapter 2

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Q1. Pick out the word from the passage which means ‘violent’.

(A) strong
(B) fierce
(C) service
(D) agreed upon

Q2. Take up service means:

(A) be the master
(B) serve food
(C) be the servant
(D) earn money

Q3. After leaving the wolf, the dog offered his service to:

(A) Cow
(B) Bear
(C) Lion
(D) Human

Q4. Who was frightened of those who were stronger than he-

(A) Dog
(B) Lion
(C) Man

Q5. ‘Kinsman’ here means ……………

(A) a kindman
(B) a relative
(C) a master
(D) a friend

Q6. Who found a new master for himself?

(A) Lion
(B) Dog
(C) Bear
(D) Wolf

Q7. In the past, before friendship with the humans how dogs lived?

(A) Like Cows
(B) Like Lions
(C) Like wolves
(D) Like Bear

Q8. The dog needed a master:

(A) who would give him security
(B) who was rich
(C) who was loving
(D) to give him food

Q9. Who is ‘he’ in the above lines?

(A) The dog
(B) The bear
(C) The wolf
(D) The man

Q10. Why was the dog sick and tired?

(A) Living in the forest
(B) Wandering food for himself.
(C) Like a king.

Q11. The dog served the lion:

(A) as his faithful servant
(B) for a long time
(C) to be equal to him
(D) for a selfish reason

Q12. With whom wolf was afraid of?

(A) Bear
(B) Lion
(C) Human
(D) Cow

Q13. Why was the dog don’t like his way of like his way of life, as its-

(A) ill pleased
(B) full of enjoyment
(C) boring

Q14. What did he ask the wolf?

(A) To be his slave
(B) To be his master
(C) To be his friend
(D) To have fight with him

Q15. His decision to choose the lion:

(A) was not the final
(B) was the final
(C) was yet to be taken
(D) was to protect himself

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