Macavity: The Mystery Cat MCQ Questions Class 8 English Poems Chapter 3 with Answers

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Q1. The word depravity means

(A) deep thought
(B) moral corruption
(C) bad actions
(D) mystery

Q2. Where can Macavity be found?

(A) In the basement
(B) In the air
(C) In the garden
(D) Nowhere

Q3. Scotland yard in the headquarters of the —– police force

(A) German
(B) London
(C) Turkish
(D) None of these

Q4. What was the mystery cat called?

(A) Hidden eyes
(B) Hidden paw
(C) Hidden ears
(D) None of them

Q5. What is strange about his sleeps?

(A) He sleeps soundly
(B) He is always wide awake.
(C) He does not sleep the whole day
(D) None of these

Q6. Which of his powers would make a fakir stare?

(A) Levitation
(B) leeping
(C) Disappearing
(D) All of the Above

Q7. Macavity is compared to

(A) man
(B) a dog
(C) a cat
(D) a devil

Q8. Who is being described here?

(A) The flying squad
(B) The poet
(C) Macavity
(D) The flying treasure

Q9. What happens when you think he is half asleep?

(A) Deeply sleep
(B) Widely awake
(C) Half awake
(D) None of these

Q10. He broken every ——,’

(A) Glasses
(B) Heart
(C) Legs
(D) Human law

Q11. Describe Macavity’s physique.

(A) Macavity is very tall and thin
(B) Has deeply lined eye-brows.
(C) Has sunken eyes
(D) All of the above

Q12. Macavity is never punished because

(A) he disappears into thin air
(B) he has a hidden paw
(C) he is never found at the scene of crime
(D) Scotland Yard does not understand him.

Q13. The poet’s name is

(A) R.N. Tagore
(B) Zulfikar Ghose
(C) William Blake
(D) T.S. Eliot.

Q14. Macavity belongs to family.

(A) feline
(B) bee
(C) insect
(D) birds

Q15. The great difficulty is that Macavity

(A) is easily found
(B) is very difficult to be found
(C) is a ginger cat
(D) is tall and thin.

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