Madam Rides the Bus MCQ Questions for Class 10 English Prose Chapter 9 with Answers

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MCQ Questions for Class 10 English with Answers First Flight Prose

Q1. Why did Valli stand up?

(A) She wanted to enjoy the ride
(B) she wasn’t able to look outside properly
(C) she liked standing
(D) she was tired of sitting

Q2. Who was a “real chatterbox”?

(A) Valli
(B) conductor
(C) her aunt
(D) all of the above

Q3. What was the next challenge once she’d saved enough money?

(A) tell her mom about it
(B) know about the timings
(C) buy a ticket
(D) to sneak out of the house

Q4. Valli did not get off the bus because:

(A) she was going back on the same bus
(B) she was afraid of it
(C) she was no work outside
(D) she was desperate

Q5. Valli found overhead bars shining like:

(A) gold
(B) bronze
(C) diamond
(D) silver

Q6. What does it tell you about Valli when she refused to accept the conductor’s treat?

(A) responsible
(B) stubborn
(C) rude
(D) disrespectful

Q7. What was her favourite pastime?

(A) watching the street outside
(B) playing outside
(C) travelling the bus
(D) reading books

Q8. What would make Valli jealous?

(A) strangers ravelling by bus
(B) hearing stories of her friend’s bus journey
(C) her mother travelling the bus
(D) all of the abov

Q9. Why did Valli find the woman repulsive?

(A) she had large piercings in her ears
(B) she wore ugly earrings
(C) she was chewing betel nut which could spill out any moment
(D) all of the above

Q10. What was the one way fare from the village to the town?

(A) one rupee
(B) 50 paise
(C) 40 paise
(D) 30 paise

Q11. What did the old man say to Valli that annoyed her?

(A) He shouted at her
(B) he asked why she’s alone
(C) he merely asked her to sit
(D) None of the above

Q12. The train rushed fast the crossing gate with a:

(A) thud
(B) crashing speed
(C) tremendous roar
(D) lightning roar

Q13. Valli was overcome with:

(A) proud
(B) shyness
(C) strength
(D) power

Q14. What was the timing of the afternoon nap taken by Valli’s mother?

(A) 1 to 3
(B) 1 to 4
(C) 2 to 4
(D) 2 to 3

Q15. What did the conductor offer Valli at the bus stop in the town?

(A) Water
(B) Soft Drink
(C) Pizza
(D) Burger

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