MCQ Questions for Class 6 Civics Chapter 1 Understanding Diversity with Answers

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Q1. A country’s customs, religions, arts and history constitute its ……………………… .

(A) Constitution
(B) Culture
(C) Diversity

Q2. Who composed our National Anthem

(A) Mahatma Gandhi
(B) Dr Iqbal
(C) Bhagat Singh
(D) Rabindranath Tagore

Q3. Where are the Pushmina shawls woven?

(A) In Kashmir
(B) In Tamil Nadu
(C) In Mumbai
(D) In Haryana

Q4. ‘The discovery of India’ book was written by ……………………… .

(A) Jawaharlal Nehru
(B) Subhash Chandra Bose
(C) Mahatma Gandhi

Q5. The fertile land and humid climate are suited for growing

(A) Rice
(B) Maize
(C) Cereals
(D) Pulses

Q6. To which caste does Sameer Ek belong?

(A) Muslim
(B) Hindu
(C) Sikh
(D) None of these

Q7. People in Ladakh keep

(A) Bull
(B) Sheep
(C) Cow
(D) Dog

Q8. Pashmina is famous product of:

(A) Ladakh
(B) Kerala
(C) UP

Q9. Which language does Sameer Do speak?

(A) English
(B) Hindi
(C) Sanskrit
(D) Tamil

Q10. Respect and safeguard is the matter of

(A) Revenge
(B) Safety
(C) Respectful
(D) Priority

Q11. Which region/state produces the Pushmina wool?

(A) Ladakh
(B) Jamshedpur
(C) Kolkata
(D) Delhi

Q12. The Apostle of Christ came in Kerala about:

(A) 1000 years ago
(B) 1500 years ago
(C) 2000 years ago

Q13. The utensils used for frying cheenavala are called

(A) Cheenapatti
(B) Cheenatawa
(C) Cheenachatti
(D) Cheenapan

Q14. On which source do the people of Ladakh depend for drinking water?

(A) Rivers
(B) Sea
(C) Melting of snow
(D) None of these

Q15. Kerala and Ladakh is similar in:

(A) Both regions were influenced by Chinese and Arab traders.
(B) Both regions are producer of Pashmina
(C) Both regions having same climate.

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