MCQ Questions for Class 6 Civics Chapter 6 Rural Administration with Answers

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Q1. Panchayati Raj system is

(A) Establish to assist the working of the government
(B) Organisation the work of Central government
(C) A constitutional establishment
(D) Organisation of work of state government

Q2. Patwari is also known as

(A) lekhpal
(B) karamchari
(C) village officer
(D) all of these

Q3. Raghu had shifted the bund by a few feet in the field of:

(A) Patwari
(B) Tehsildar
(C) Mohan

Q4. Which prize is awarded for the excellent work in Panchayat?

(A) Nirmal Gram Puruskar
(B) Naveen Gram Puruskar
(C) Normal Gram Puruskar
(D) Natural Gram Puruskar

Q5. Who does the work of measuring land and keeping land record?

(A) Doctor
(B) Chemist
(C) Patwari
(D) All of these

Q6. How many villages are there in India approximately?

(A) One lakh
(B) Three lakhs
(C) Four lakhs
(D) Six lakhs

Q7. The primary part of the three tier system of Panchayati Raj is

(A) Janpad
(B) Zila Sabha
(C) Village Panchayat
(D) Zila Samiti

Q8. SHO is the head of:

(A) Tehsil
(B) District
(C) Police Station

Q9. Who is Mohan in this chapter?

(A) a farmer
(B) a doctor
(C) an engineer

Q10. Secretary of the Gram Sabha is appointed by the

(A) Government
(B) People
(C) Wards
(D) Panchayat

Q11. If any one attacks, you will go to the:

(A) Police Station
(B) Tehsil
(C) Revenue office

Q12. Land records at the village level are taken care of by the __

(A) Chaukidars
(B) Tehsildar
(C) District collector
(D) Kanungo

Q13. To whom did Mohan meet at the Police station to complain about what had happened with him?

(B) SI
(D) None of these

Q14. Maintenance of land record is the responsibility of:

(B) District Collector
(C) Patwari

Q15. __ is the highest officer of education department in the district

(A) Tehsildar
(B) District inspector of school
(C) Medical
(D) Police

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