MCQ Questions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Poem 2 The Kite with Answers

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Q1. “And up it goes” who is being referred to in the poem?

(A) kite
(B) bird
(C) leaf
(D) smoke

Q2. The opposite of the word ‘falls’ is

(A) rises
(B) gets up
(C) blows
(D) winds

Q3. Find a word which rhymes with ‘crest’ in the given lines.

(A) chair
(B) below
(C) hollow
(D) rest

Q4. Until the new wind blows

(A) it is very hot
(B) the string is being unwound
(C) the string is slack
(D) the string is wound

Q5. Give synonym for the word ‘slack’.

(A) loose
(B) tight
(C) easy
(D) slim

Q6. A new kite looks:

(A) pale in the bright light
(B) bright in the blue sky
(C) lovely with Its colours
(D) attractive but sober

Q7. This passage has been taken from the poem

(A) A House, A Home
(B) The Kite
(C) The Quarrel
(D) Beauty

Q8. It soars high due to:

(A) the power of the wind
(B) the absence of the wind
(C) the dream of a winner
(D) favourable breeze

Q9. The author of the poem is

(A) Harry Behn
(B) L.M. Haul
(C) Eleanor Farj eon
(D) E-Yeh-Shure

Q10. ‘Sails like a ship’ is a:

(A) Metaphor
(B) Alliteration
(C) Simile
(D) Rhythm

Q11. The string Is wound when

(A) it goes slack
(B) the kite is flying high
(C) the wind blows
(D) the kite Is torn

Q12. Seems to rest’ here means that it his still

(A) on the ground
(B) In the sky
(C) In water
(D) In the tree

Q13. Find the antonym of the word ‘bright’.

(A) dark
(B) shine
(C) movement
(D) clear

Q14. The poem is about

(A) the wind
(B) string
(C) kite
(D) gust and pulls

Q15. When a new wind blows, it:

(A) refreshes the soul of the kite
(B) fills the wings of the kite
(C) lifts the kite itself
(D) changes the mood

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