MCQ Questions for Class 6 Geography Chapter 6 Major Landforms of the Earth with Answers

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Q1. The plains of Asia are formed by rivers:

(A) Ganga and Brahmaputra
(B) Yamuna
(C) Kaveri

Q2. The mountains differ from the hills in terms of

(A) Elevation
(B) Slope
(C) Aspect
(D) Slant

Q3. Mauna Kea is higher than Mount Everest being

(A) 10,205 metres high
(B) 10,245metres high
(C) 10,235 metres high
(D) 10,255 metres high

Q4. Where are glaciers found?

(A) In plains
(B) In mountains
(C) In plateaus
(D) None of these

Q5. Which are the most useful areas for human habitation?

(A) Plateaus
(B) Mountains
(C) Plains

Q6. The wearing away of the earth’s surface is called

(A) mountains
(B) plateau
(C) erosion
(D) deposition

Q7. Rivers of ice

(A) Ice sheet
(B) Ice cubes
(C) Ice bergs
(D) Glaciers

Q8. The river Yangtze flows in

(A) South America
(B) Australia
(C) China
(D) Asia

Q9. Which is ideal for cultivation of crops?

(A) River valleys
(B) Flora and fauna
(C) Glaciers

Q10. In some mountains there are permanently frozen rivers of ice known as

(A) river valley
(B) glaciers
(C) plateaus
(D) none of these

Q11. Glaciers are found in:

(A) The mountains
(B) The plains
(C) The plateaus
(D) The hills

Q12. External process leads to

(A) Sinking of the earth surface
(B) Upliftment of earth’s surface
(C) Continues wearing of the internal surface areas
(D) Continuous wearing down of the land surface

Q13. Mountains may be arranged in a line known as

(A) horsts
(B) range
(C) glacier
(D) all of these

Q14. The Deccan Plateaus is located in:

(A) Kenya
(B) Australia
(C) India
(D) Africa

Q15. The Deccan Plateaus is located in:

(A) Kenya
(B) Australia
(C) India
(D) Africa

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