MCQ Questions for Class 6 History Chapter 11 New Empires and Kingdoms with Answers

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Q1. Who wrote the biography of Harshavardhana?

(A) Surender Sharma
(B) Amir Khusro
(C) Banbhatta
(D) None of these

Q2. Aryabhata was a famous astronomer in the court of

(A) Chandragupta-II
(B) Chandragupta-IV
(C) Chandragupta-I
(D) Chandragupta-III

Q3. A famous poetry book Abhijnana Shakuntalam was written by:

(A) Banabhatta
(B) Kalidasa
(C) Harishena
(D) Ravikirti

Q4. Who tried to cross Narmada to march into Deccan?

(A) Harshavardhana
(B) Banbhatta
(C) Sidhartha
(D) Ashoka

Q5. Who was the father of Samudragupta

(A) Hareshena
(B) Banabhatta
(C) Ramagupta
(D) Chandragupta

Q6. The language used by Brahmins was:

(A) Prakrit
(B) Hindi
(C) English
(D) Sanskrit

Q7. Who was the famous ruler of a dynasty known as Guptas?

(A) Chandragupta
(B) Samudragupta
(C) Ashoka
(D) Sidhartha

Q8. __ the sacred book of Islam:

(A) Bible
(B) Geeta
(C) Ramayana
(D) Quran

Q9. Harshvardhana tried to cross the Narmada to march into the Deccan but stopped by:

(A) Pulakeshin-II
(B) Ravikirti
(C) Samudragupta
(D) None

Q10. To which language does the term ‘Prashasti’ belong?

(A) English
(B) Hindi
(C) Sanskrit
(D) Tamil

Q11. Someone engaged in or experienced in warfare

(A) Shudra
(B) Vaishyas
(C) Brahmins
(D) Warrior

Q12. Which was the capital of Pallavas and Chalukyas?

(A) Kanchipurm
(B) Delhi
(C) Agra
(D) Lucknow

Q13. __ was the capital of the Chalukyas, was an important trading centre

(A) Vajji
(B) Aihole
(C) Chera
(D) Chola

Q14. Samudragupta was the king of:

(A) Maurya Empire
(B) Gupta Regime
(C) Chalukya
(D) Cholas

Q15. Who was the best ruler of Chalukyas?

(A) Pulakeshin I
(B) Pulakeshin II
(C) Pulakeshin III
(D) None of these

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