MCQ Questions for Class 6 History Chapter 2 On The Trial of the Earliest People with Answers

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Q1. How did the ancient people travel?

(A) By buses
(B) By trains
(C) By ships
(D) On foot

Q2. Habitation are the site where

(A) People live
(B) People make stones
(C) People play
(D) People make paintings

Q3. What material was used by the earlier people?

(A) Stone
(B) Wood
(C) Bone
(D) All of the above

Q4. Who had found the things which were made and used by the hunters?

(A) Astrologists
(B) Archaeologists
(C) Psychologists
(D) None of these

Q5. Stone age is divided into

(A) Three periods
(B) Two periods
(C) Five periods
(D) Four Periods

Q6. In which state eggs of Ostrich were found?

(A) Kurnool
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Delhi
(D) Chennai

Q7. When were the trains used first?

(A) 200 years ago
(B) 250 years ago
(C) 150 years ago
(D) 300 years ago

Q8. Old stone age began _ years ago.

(A) 2.5 million
(B) 4.5 million
(C) 5.5 million
(D) 3.5 million

Q9. Why did hunter-gatherers move from one place to other place?

(A) In search of food
(B) In search of shelter
(C) In search of water
(D) All of the above

Q10. Why did hunter-gatherers move from place to place?

(A) In search of food
(B) In search of shelters
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these

Q11. Tools of early man were made of

(A) Gold
(B) Copper
(C) Stone
(D) Soil

Q12. In the ancient times tools were made up of which material?

(A) Stone
(B) Wood
(C) Bone
(D) All of these

Q13. A number of things of same kind growing closely (very neatly) are called

(A) Collection
(B) Combination
(C) Cluster
(D) Connection

Q14. Who gives us information about history?

(A) Doctors
(B) Engineers
(C) Psychologists
(D) Archaeologists

Q15. For what purpose were the stone tools used?

(A) To cut meat and bone
(B) To chop fruits and roots
(C) To make spears and arrows
(D) All of these

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