MCQ Questions for Class 6 History Chapter 5 What Books and Burials Tell Us with Answers

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Q1. Which of the two rivers are studied in the Rigveda?

(A) Ganga and Yamuna
(B) Beas and Sutlej
(C) Saraswati and Brahmaputra
(D) All of these

Q2. Sanskrit is part of a family of languages which is known as

(A) Indo-European
(B) Indo-China
(C) Indo-Russian
(D) Indo-Dravin

Q3. Which of these does not comes under the Veda?

(A) Rig
(B) Atharva
(C) Sam
(D) Puran

Q4. When was the Rigveda written?

(A) About 3500 years ago
(B) About 1000 years ago
(C) About 500 years ago
(D) About 1500 years ago

Q5. How many types of Vedas are there

(A) 3
(B) 1
(C) 4
(D) 2

Q6. Inamgaon is situated on the river Ghod which is tributary of:

(A) Bhima
(B) Ravi
(C) Vias
(D) Ganga

Q7. Which of the following is the oldest Veda?

(A) Samaveda
(B) Yajurveda
(C) Rigveda
(D) Atharvaveda

Q8. Stone circles or boulders on the surface were used to cover the

(A) All of these
(B) Burial places
(C) House
(D) Port holes

Q9. Where was the head of the dead laid at the burials found at Inamgaon?

(A) East
(B) West
(C) North
(D) South

Q10. Who is the ‘god of fire’ according to Rigveda?

(A) Agni
(B) Indra
(C) Soma
(D) None of these

Q11. A popular drink __ was prepared from milk and juice of a rare plant that grew on the mountains

(A) Butter
(B) Soma
(C) Sura
(D) Ghee

Q12. On which bark was the Rigveda written?

(A) Neem Bark
(B) Cinkona Bark
(C) Tulsi Bark
(D) Birch Bark

Q13. Later Vedic period is known as

(A) Hymns age
(B) Yajna age
(C) Epic age
(D) Songs age

Q14. Stone boulders used to mark burial sites are known as:

(A) Microliths
(B) Megaliths
(C) Macroliths
(D) None of these.

Q15. Where is birch bark found? In.

(A) Maharashtra
(B) Pune
(C) Delhi
(D) Kashmir

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