MCQ Questions for Class 6 Math’s Chapter 14 Practical Geometry with Answers

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Q1. A _ is a simple closed curve all of whose points are at the same distance from a fixed point.

(A) diameter
(B) radius
(C) triangle
(D) circle

Q2. The line segment forming a polygon is called _.

(A) angle
(B) side
(C) vertex
(D) None of these

Q3. How many arcs are to be drawn to construct an angle of 90°.

(A) one
(B) three
(C) five
(D) seven

Fill in the blanks

Q4. B is the mid point of line segment …………… and line segment ……………… also.

Q5. If the diameter of a circle is 22 cm, then the radius of the circle is __.

(A) 5.5 cm
(B) 11 cm
(C) 4.5 cm
(D) None of these

Q6. OC + CD = …………….

Q7. What are minimum number of perpendiculars to be constructed to construct a square.

(A) one
(B) two
(C) three
(D) four

Q8. OC – OA = ……………..

Q9. How do you draw a 90° angle?

(A) By drawing a perpendicular to a line from a point lying on it.
(B) By bisecting a 120° angle.
(C) By bisecting a 60° angle.
(D) By drawing multiples of 45° angle.

Q10. Name the line segment whose length is equal to 3 times OA ……………..

Q11. If two lines have only one point in common, what are they called?

(A) Parallel lines
(B) Intersecting lines
(C) Perpendicular lines
(D) Transversal

Q12. X and Y are two distinct points in a plane. How many lines can be drawn passing through both X and Y?

(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) Only 2
(D) Infinitely many

Q13. At 7 a.m. the angle between the Sun’s ray and the ground at a point is 43°. What would be the angle at 10 a.m.?

(A) 40°
(B) 90°
(C) Between 43° and 90°
(D) Greater than 90°

Q14. Lines a, b, p, q, m, n and x have a point P common to all of them. What is the name of P?

(A) Point of concurrence
(B) Point of intersection
(C) Common point
(D) Distinct point

Q15. Identify the uses of a ruler.

(A) To draw a line segment of a given length
(B) To draw a copy of a given segment.
(C) To draw a diameter of a circle.
(D) All the above.

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All questions answers

4AC and OD

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