MCQ Questions for Class 6 Science Chapter 4 Sorting Materials Into Groups with Answers

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Q1. Which one of the following is not soluble in water?

(A) Turmeric powder
(B) Common salt
(C) Alum
(D) All are soluble

Q2. Wood and stone is materials.

(A) lustrous
(B) non-lustrous
(C) smooth
(D) none of these

Q3. Which type of material is used to make wind screen of a car?

(A) Transparent
(B) Translucent
(C) Opaque
(D) Semi-transparent

Q4. Choose the opaque object from the following:

(A) Charcoal
(B) Air
(C) Glass
(D) Water

Q5. Metals which have a lustre are called:

(A) none-lustrous materials
(B) lustrous materials
(C) rough
(D) none of these

Q6. What makes the basis of sorting materials into groups?

(A) Similarities in their properties
(B) Differences in their properties
(C) Both similarities and differences in their properties
(D) All of these

Q7. Hardest known natural substance is

(A) Mercury
(B) Wood
(C) Gold
(D) Diamond

Q8. materials can be used for made up more than one things,

(A) Same
(B) Different
(C) Shiny
(D) None of these

Q9. Which one will show a metallic lustre?

(A) Any surface of a metal
(B) Freshly cut surface of a metal
(C) Freshly cut surface of non-metal
(D) Surfaces of all materials

Q10. Chair, table and plough are made up of

(A) Plastic
(B) Iron
(C) Wood
(D) Paper

Q11. Non-metal which is good conductor of electricity is

(A) Graphite
(B) Diamond
(C) Sulpher
(D) Nitrogen

Q12. Which is a set of transparent materials?

(A) Glass and air
(B) Water and glass
(C) Water and air
(D) All of these

Q13. Iron, aluminium and gold have appearance.

(A) shining
(B) rough
(C) non-shining
(D) none of these

Q14. Iron, aluminium and gold have appearance.

(A) shining
(B) rough
(C) non-shining
(D) none of these

Q15. Which one is not a transparent object?

(A) Clean water
(B) Glass
(C) Thin sheet of plastic
(D) Muddy water

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