MCQ Questions for Class 6 Science Chapter 6 Changes Around Us with Answers

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Q1. Which is a way to make change happen?

(A) Heating a substance
(B) Cooling a substance
(C) Mixing a substance
(D) All of these

Q2. Which of the following is an example of physical change?

(A) Boiling of water
(B) Ripening of fruit
(C) Rusting of iron
(D) A bud turning into flower

Q3. Which one of the steps while burning a candle is not reversible?

(A) Melting of solid wax
(B) liquid wax changes into vapours
(C) Wax vapour bums into flame
(D) All of these

Q4. For making the curd, we should the milk.

(A) Heat
(B) Cool
(C) Boil
(D) None of these

Q5. The change in which chemical properties of a substance change is called

(A) chemical change
(B) physical change
(C) heating
(D) pressure

Q6. Which of the following changes can be reversed?

(A) Raw egg to boiled egg
(B) Wet clothes to dry clothes
(C) Bud to flower
(D) Cow dung to biogas

Q7. In general, on heating metals _

(A) Contract
(B) Expand
(C) Can expand or contract
(D) None of these

Q8. What are the changes that can be reversed called?

(A) Reversible changes
(B) Irreversible changes
(C) Contraction
(D) Evaporation

Q9. When ice melts into water, what types of changes do you observe ?

(A) Physical changes
(B) Chemical changes
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these

Q10. Which of the following changes cannot be reversed?

(A) Milk to paneer
(B) Cold milk to hot milk
(C) Yam to knitted sweater
(D) Wet clothes to dry clothes

Q11. The changes in which new substance is formed is called

(A) Temporary change
(B) Biological change
(C) Chemical change
(D) Physical change

Q12. On heating metal rim

(A) expands
(B) contracts
(C) depends how much it is heated
(D) depends as the type of meted

Q13. If we burn a candle, the height of a candle will .

(A) Decreased
(B) Increased
(C) Remain same
(D) None of these

Q14. Temperature at which a solid starts melting is called its

(A) melting point
(B) boiling point
(C) freezing point
(D) slow change

Q15. Sea water is a

(A) Element
(B) Mixture
(C) Molecule
(D) Compound

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