MCQ Questions for Class 7 Civics Chapter 3 How the State Government Works with Answers

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Q1. Who appoints the chief minister and other minister?

(A) Prime minister
(C) Governor

Q2. Who is the head of a Legislative Assembly?

(A) Minister
(C) Chief Minister
(D) All of these

Q3. What name is the elected representative who are not the members of the ruling party

(A) MLAs
(B) Independent candidates
(C) Opposition
(D) Majority

Q4. It is a political organisation that subscribes to a particular ideology and seeks to attain political power

(A) Organisational Party
(B) Political Party
(C) Subscriber Party
(D) Ideology Party

Q5. An MLA is elected by the:

(A) People
(B) Government
(C) Chief minister

Q6. According to UNICEF, more than __ children die every year in India from preventable infections

(A) three million
(B) two lacs
(C) three lacs
(D) two million

Q7. According to our Constitution, it is the primary duty of the government to ensure

(A) the welfare of the people and provide health care facilities to all
(B) the welfare of the doctors and provide health care facilities to in rural areas
(C) the welfare of the women and provide health care facilities in urban areas
(D) the welfare of the women and provide health care facilities to all

Q8. What is the full form, of MLA?

(A) Member of Law Authority
(B) Member of Legislative Assembly
(C) Minister of Law Abiding Authority
(D) None of these

Q9. The head of the executive is:

(A) Governor
(B) Minister
(C) Chief minister

Q10. This refers to foreigners who come to this country specifically for medical treatment at hospitals that offer world class facilities at a lower cost than what they would have to pay in their own countries.

(A) Hospital Tourist
(B) Foreign Tourist
(C) Medical Tourist
(D) Treatment Tourist

Q11. Who becomes the Chief Minister?

(A) Leader of winning party
(B) Leader of losing party
(C) Prime Minister of the country
(D) President of the country

Q12. Costa Rican government believes that a country has

(A) to be healthy for its development and pays a lot of attention to the health of its people
(B) to be wealthy for its development and pays a lot of attention to the earning more profit by way export
(C) to spent money on political activities
(D) to spend money on military to increase their power

Q13. The MLAs belong to the ruling party will elect their leader who will become the

(A) Chief Minister
(B) Chief Justice
(C) President
(D) Governor

Q14. How many assembly constituencies Himachal Pradesh has?

(A) 56
(B) 68
(C) 67

Q15. A political party whose MLAs have won more than half the number of constituencies in a state can be said to be in a

(A) majority
(B) minority
(C) opposition
(D) all of these

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