MCQ Questions for Class 7 Civics Chapter 5 Women Change the World with Answers

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Q1. In which year the law was passed to give women protection from domestic violence?

(A) 2000
(B) 2001
(C) 2006
(D) 2005

Q2. What can you say about the work of men and women

(A) Women work should be valued more than men
(B) Should devalued the work of men and women
(C) Should be equally valued
(D) Men work should be valued more than women

Q3. what do you mean by stereotypes?

(A) All boys are superior in class
(B) All people are behaved in a particular manner
(C) Rich people are higher in class
(D) None of these

Q4. Which of the following became more common in 19th century?

(A) Hospitals
(B) Schools
(C) Discos
(D) Restaurants

Q5. Earlier it was believed that if a woman learnt to read and write

(A) she would bring bad luck to her society
(B) she would bring bad luck to her family
(C) she would bring bad luck to her husband and become a widow
(D) she would bring bad luck to her children

Q6. Women work in agricultural sector includes

(A) planting, weeding, harvesting and threshing
(B) planting, seeding, harvesting and digging
(C) planting, weeding, harvesting and digging
(D) planting, seeding, harvesting and playing

Q7. Which a way to create new opportunities for women?

(A) Household work
(B) Education
(C) Protest
(D) All of these

Q8. Driving her train was written by:

(A) Rokeya Sekhawat Hossain
(B) Ramabai
(C) Neeta Lai

Q9. The 2001 census also found that girls are less likely, than girls, to complete primary school

(A) Muslim, Dalit and Adivasi
(B) Adivasi, Dalit and Muslims
(C) Dalit , Hindu and Adivasi
(D) Hindu, Dalit and Muslims

Q10. In which profession do we find more women?

(A) Nursing
(B) Teaching
(C) Both of these
(D) None of these

Q11. International women’s day is celebrated on:

(A) 7 March
(B) 8 March
(C) 9 March

Q12. What did women NOT do in pottery trade?

(A) Collect the mud
(B) Prepare the earth
(C) Operate the wheel
(D) None of these

Q13. This refers to physical or verbal behaviour that is of a sexual nature and against the wishes of a woman.

(A) Male harassment
(B) Sexual harassment
(C) Gender harassment
(D) Domestic harassment

Q14. Who became the first woman engine driver of the northern

(A) Laxmi Lakra
(B) Rashsundari Devi
(C) Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain

Q15. In the most families, what were their main aims after their girls finish school?

(A) Marriage
(B) Job opportunities
(C) Higher educations
(D) All of these

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